Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Observations of a SAHM: Baby Items

The last volume was about television and this volume is about those things that we got as gifts or registered for that are really coming in handy right now....
  1. Swaddlers....specifically the Swaddleme brand. This is pretty much a must have for us as that is the best way to get Olivia to sleep. Plus she looks like a little burrito wrapped up in one and it's just cute.
  2. Size newborn clothes. No one told me that 0-3 month clothes won't fit your baby. And Olivia is a normal sized baby. She's even bigger than lots of newborns! Thankfully someone gave us hand me downs or else she would have about 2 things to wear that would fit her right now.
  3. Medela Pump In Style. I can't imagine using a hand pump (or just a hand), and yes you feel like a cow (flashbacks to slumber parties and tours of the Latham dairy farm as a child) but it's kind of a necessity if you do plan on going back to work or leaving your child for a long period of time so thank goodness for this invention!
  4. Other mommy friends. Already I need advice and people that I can go to for support and who better to empathize with than someone who is in the same boat as you! I'm so thankful for all the emails and calls and visits. It's helped to keep me sane these first few weeks! (I realize this isn't an item but it is a must have)
  5. A swing. Although we have only really used it a day it is nice to have somewhere to put her when you are tired of bouncing or rocking her yourself. I feel in the future this might be the only way I can get a decent shower time in the morning.
Anyway that's enough things for now but I'm sure there will be more in the future! I'll leave you with a cute shot of our little burrito.


The McDowells said...

I loved the swaddle me blankets! I used them with all 3. The only bad thing is after they get washed a bunch the velcro wears down and the baby can easily break through them. With Emma, I used two at a time becuase the velcro was not working and plus it was cold in our room.

Tamra said...

Great list...and very timely to my blog post, too! Thanks! Are you going to venture out to the Camp Impact meeting next week?

Leslie said...

is it weird that the only adult version of swaddle blankets are straightjackets?

just a thought.

amanda said...

that does look pretty's cold in here and all i can think about is how much I want to be in a swaddle! But might be hard to get myself out of it. Les, good call on the straightjacket.

Mandy said...

Yeah those swaddle blankets are the best. And also the sling has saved my life plenty of times! I've done the dishes, vacuumed and eaten many meals with her in that sling! Do you have a bouncy seat? They're also great for getting a shower. I have a few really small onesies that you can borrow if you need them, Violet's already too big for them now, but they're tiny!

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