Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Observations of a SAHM: Television

So now that I have these 10 weeks to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) I have already made so many observations...and this volume is about things on TV. Keep in mind we don't have cable so there isn't much to watch, but somehow I've managed to waste a lot of time in front of the boob tube. I mean what else is there to do while breastfeeding? (seriously what do you moms do while you feed your babies? I mean I like to stare at Olivia and all but I'm thinking I need to get some books from the library) In random order here they are....
  1. I miss Bob Barker. Seriously. Drew Carey is NOT a very good host of The Price is Right and he doesn't even ACT like he likes his job. Plus his new hair-do looks awful.
  2. The Doctors is a pretty hilarious show. Have you seen it? If not it's 4 doctors (one was on The Bachelor) who talk about random stuff that seems like it was thrown together in about 2 minutes. I think it was created so that Dr. Oz has competition but they aren't exactly award winning hosts and it comes off as awkward....and yet I've watched daily
  3. Let's not talk about Dr. Oz and sculpting poop. 'nuff said
  4. Weekday television must be geared toward the elderly audience because most commercials are for hearing aids and assisted living places
  5. Ellen is still the best thing on morning TV.
  6. The View is still the worst thing. Worse than The Doctors. So bad I quit watching it and started watching Drew Carey ruin The Price is Right.
  7. I don't think it's fair that The Family Feud is allowed to have answers on the baord that less than 5 people have given.
  8. As much as I like The Family Feud you sure don't win much money to split between 5 people. At least I do like the host...but not enough to know his name.
  9. Deal or No Deal is not a fun gameshow, it's purely based on chance and although I've never liked it, I think I've watched it everyday I've been home.
  10. I want to cry when people don't even make it to $1000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Mostly bc I know they must feel extra stupid and I empathize with them. Maybe it's the hormones. I'll blame them.
  11. They shouldn't have "experts" as a lifeline on Millionaire unless they actually are. It's not much of a lifeline if they never get the answer correct.
  12. Who watches all those judge shows? There are so many and it's all trashy people and sassy judges and I can't even sit through one of them.
  13. I should start watching a soap opera I guess....no I'll never be THAT desperate
  14. I really like Reba despite not knowing how she has that crazy accent.
  15. You better believe I'll be watching mermaid girl and face transplant lady on Oprah today!


Katie and John said...

Lol this cracked me up. Yeah gotta love daytime TV...not so much.

Anyways, what to do while breastfeeding: it depends on the mood. sometimes I talk with Keely and play with her feet and hands, (Olivia may not be into that yet and its hard work learning to breastfeed) Also a really great idea is make sure you have a book by the chair, sofa, bed or where ever you breastfeed at. It's a nice time to read and relax a little bit. She also will get faster at eating. When Keely was really little she would do like 15 minutes on each side, so it took FOREVER. Now it averages to be about 15 minutes total. I can't wait to come and see her. Maybe after we get the moving/house buying craziness done next week, Keely and I can come by for a visit. Hope you are recovering well!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

My grandma watches all the judge shows. I'm totally serious.

Also, check out hulu.com and watch some shows on that. It might be better than the new, awful version of The Price is Right.

Shawn and Becky said...

The doctors debuted last year when I was home with Cameron. You should have seen the womans make-up then, thankfully they've toned it down, but it was all I could focus on when watching the show it was like spackle. I still watch it every once in a while, but I usually can't get in to it. I think I closed my eyes and relaxed while nursing, but Cameron was always a very fast nurser so I can't really remember.

Leslie said...

how many wilford brimley dye-ah-bett-esss commercials have you seen?

i tivod the view to watch kate gosselin (did great!), but then had to wash out my eyes with hydrogen peroxide. brutal.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

this was funny....love your blog....

Anonymous said...

Okay, I totally saw the Dr. Oz episode about sculpting poop. As a medical professional I have seen lots of things, and not much bothers me, but that totally grossed me out. Also, I worked with the Bachelor doctor at Vanderbilt, and he is a complete dork with no personality in real life, so I can't watch that show either. (Hope he doesn't read your blog) Love you!!! Celeste

Mandy said...

I totally had a book to read while I was breastfeeding. Now I DVR old episodes of Grey's and watch those. And you're right, Ellen is totally the best!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I think I would die if I could not watch The Food Network channel on cable, Girl get you some cable then cancel it when you go back to work!!!

Miranda said...

I am a Today Show girl! My mom always had it on in the background. So that's what's on...no fair! You get Ellen in the AM!! I have to wait for 2pm. LOL
When they are little, you can read some...just look at them and sing and give love rubs. After I wasn't so sore from surgery, I would lay down and nurse and take kips, that's my favorite...sleep while they eat! I also have been known to crochet.

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