Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Confessions of a SAHM: Television Part II

I think I already touched on daytime TV so let's look at evening TV. I'm enjoying lots of shows and am hoping with the new comedies this season that maybe the sitcom is on it's way back! Since we don't have cable or DVR or Tivo or any of that stuff, it has been nice to be able to watch things on the internet (at any time of day while I feed a baby), via hulu mainly, whenever I want. Here are shows I enjoy:
  1. The Middle is a new HILARIOUS family sitcom about a normal family living in the midwest. I laugh out loud at every episode. It reminds me of old school TGIF type shows that the whole family could watch but it's funnier and not cheesy (No Full House sappy music playing while the dad solves the episode's problem in a 5 second lecture)
  2. Glee. Duh. Isn't everyone watching this show? My hubby is right though, it is totally High School Musical for adults, but I love it and the lady who plays the cheerleading coach is hysterical.
  3. The Office of course I'm loving it! Jim and Pam got married and I got a little teary eyed. How awesome is it for the couple whose youtube video they copied?! I mean it was cool that millions of people viewed it on the web but then a famous TV show copied it...pretty awesome! I do kind of feel this season isn't as good as others but I still love it! I love it so much I watch reruns on netflix online pretty much every night while I go to sleep.
  4. Community is a quirky new comedy about people at a community college. It stars the guy from The Soup and Chevy Chase. My favorite kid in the show though is Abed played by Danny Pudi. Or the asian spanish teacher....or The Soup guy. I dunno They are all funny.
  5. Shark Tank is the show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to wealthy investors and try to get them to bite. Last night was the last one but I enjoyed this and it was about the only reality TV show I like....besides Antiques Roadshow.
  6. Antiques Roadshow...a classic...still the only good thing about Mondays I think.
  7. Modern Family is another new comedy about three separate families and it also makes me laugh out loud. Mostly the dad who tries to be friends with his teenage kid (Why the face? Did anyone else see that? Haha!)
  8. Parks and Recreation is that mockumentary with Amy Poehler and it tends to be a hit or miss with me but lately it's been a hit.
  9. 30 Rock started last week and I'm sure will continue to be a hilarious show. Love it.
  10. Psych is one I catch on hulu every now and then and is a funny detective type show about a guy who pretends to be psychic but just really uses his common sense. I'm curious as to how it all started but it's been on awhile I think and I've only seen the latest like 5 episodes. It's pretty humorous.
  11. Flash Forward is probably going to be annoying like Lost but we will see. It's the drama/mystery about everyone in the world blacking out and seeing the future 6 months from I'm thinking in 6 months we at least have to have one answer right? Speaking of Lost why doesn't it start until 2010??
  12. Also not really on in the evening, but while we wait on daddy to get home from work we are usually watching (well one of us is eating) reruns of Reba, Earl and Two and a Half Men on the CW.
Do you see a theme here? I'm liking comedies mainly. Probably because after hanging out with a teeny baby who has been known to cry all day when not attached to my chest...I need a good laugh :) Looking over this it seems like I watch a lot of TV. Well to make myself feel better I do spend about 28 hours a week feeding Olivia so I don't feel as bad, but I really should read more during this time. Got any good book recommedations? If not what shows are you enjoying this season?


Anonymous said...

Read Lord Fougrins Letters by Randy Alcorn. You'll see lots of those shows in a new light. Kiss sweet Olivia on her cute little nose for me. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. Love ya Mom I

Anonymous said...

Big bang, Modern Family, Cougar town, Bones, CSI, Mentalist, Monk. And I work full time so I'm not too sure when I am watching all these shows.

Michelle said...

You should add cougar town to your list, it is so funny!

kmom said...

I can tell you how the guy in Psych got started because I watched the first episode and many after it. I don't watch it any more. I did like Gus on it. Thought you were not going to be watching Flash Forward. I missed it last week, so maybe I should catch up before tomorrow. Lie to Me is on Fox. NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles are different, and both great. The Mentalist is entertaining.

Chellie said...

You should try the Big Bang Theory.. it's Monday nights on CBS (shh don't tell anyone) at 8:30.. we love it.

lauren and brad said...

Wish you and brad could watch all that office together so i wouldn't have to. We own 4 seasons, he watches online nearly every night AND he netflixed Season 5. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Leslie said...

numbers SO not associated with yours:

1. glee = duh.
2. office = DUH! best show on tv. i'd leave jamie for jim and he knows it (jamie, not jim. if jim only knew...).
3. community = i'm really liking the preppy girl who reminds me of the preppy therapist on glee who i also like a ton. the community preppy girl was/is on madmen and i've been such a fan of her acting, but i do have to say that it's weird to see her in a current time's like seeing charlie chaplin make an appearance on american idol...seemingly improbable.*
4. AR KILLS ME. i want to cry for the people that go on there who have been holding onto grandma's china, hoping that it'll be worth millions of dollars. they're going on the show because they think they'll finally be able to pay for their hip replacement surgery or heart stint or jaw removal or something and then they realize that grandma was as brokeass as they are now. SO SAD.
5. Modern Family - cream puffs on the plane?? ahahahahaaa!!
6. P&R has been hit or miss for me too. but it's still in rotation bc i love amyp. something about her makes me feel like she'd be my friend.
7. 30Rock started weak, didn't it? all that hype? and then? eh. lizlemon would so be my friend.
8. PSYCH is a household FAVE. the main guy would be bff with jamie and i'd like to keep gus in my back pocket. i try to quote them as much as possible (no, jamie! this is a company car! don't jump on the roof!) and have been attempting to incorporate introductions like them into my everyday life. "hi, i'm leslie and this is my fiance, mcgoose mcgillycuddy."
9. not gonna do flashforward.
10. Trauma? my friend holly has been making appearances on that show and they're filming it all over sf. fun.

starting the list over now.

1. SYTYCD? i fastforward the judges commentary and most of the crying that the judges do, but i really dig this show.
2. House?
3. Medium - but as my old boss once told me, it's just me, jamie, and his crazy aunt mildred that watches this show. his point was proven to me when they moved to cbs.
4. jk+8 - because i have to. it's the first time so many half-asian kids have been showcased like that and i love it!
5. aaaand, i'm out.

books? what are books?

signing off,
leslie & my fiance, sprankensee deutch.

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