Thursday, October 08, 2009

Her Mama's Curls

She may have a receding hairline but it sure is a cute and curly receding hairline when it's wet!! The bows help hide the lack of hair in the front. :) And then right after this bath she had a CRAZY explosiveness in her diaper. Surprisingly the cloth diaper and cover actually contained it all but taking it off of her caused her to get it ALL over her legs and pretty much all of the lower half of her body. It truly is amazing how much poop one baby can hold! I think we went through a whole container of wipes just cleaning it time we'll just go straight back to the bath tub!


Erin C said...

But at least it smells "sweet", yes?

Leslie said...

oh dear lord. it was bad enough with the imagery and erinc. had to bring in the odor?? oh holy gross!!

I don't have kids

The Moores said...

Lucky girl to get all those curls! She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Since she eats every hour it shouldn't be surprising that she has so much poop. And that hairline is just like her daddy had. I'm so glad she got your beautiful curls Katie. What an adorable little bundle. Wish I could get my hands on her. Love ya all. Mom I

thatgirlblogs said...

TMI, but she's adorable so I'll allow it.

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