Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Refrigeration Randomness

The other day while helping a friend move in I noticed she kept her maple syrup on a cabinet shelf. I always refrigerate mine I guess because my parents did, so I never knew you didn't have to. This reminded me of the time Lo and I made cupcakes and she pulled a huge tub of crisco out of her fridge and I told her you don't put crisco in the fridge, but she had been doing it for years. So now I'm wondering if there are other foods that I refrigerate that you don't have to, or if others out there ever refrigerate weird things. Anybody got any stories about that?

Sorry no Olivia photos or videos....maybe if I deprive you for one day you'll appreciate it even more! I will try to catch her smiling today though because she's smiled at me a few times in the past 24 hours. I can't lie, it made feeding her at 3am much more enjoyable.


Sommer said...

At home we freeze loaves of bread if they're about to expire; dunno if that's weird though.

Fruit though one of my friends was complaining how fast fruit goes bad and I was like don't you put it in the fridge? I explained how it keeps ripening if you leave it on the counter but if you put it in the fridge it'll slow down the process and keep for a bit longer (at least I think that's how it works).

Leslie said...

peanut butter (mom does, i don't).
soysauce (mom does, i don't).
bisquick (mom doesn't, i do).
batteries (nope).
nailpolish (old 17mag used to tell me to do it).
coffee (supposed to be bad).

kmom said...

I think it is best to look carefully all over the package to see if it says to refrigerate it. Real butter can be refrigerated, but Aunt Joyce used to have it sitting out covered on her table. I think I saw it out on a special shelf at Lauren's house. I keep bread I plan to use soon on a shelf and the rest in the freezer. You seem to keep the bread you plan to use in the fridge. Good luck with your search! (I actually have a list from food experts of where to keep things and how long they can keep there.)

RebeccaMom said...

I refrigerate bisquick and syrup just because they seem to last longer. I guess crisco would be in the same category, since it's the part of bisquick that goes bad. Have a great day!

ktsdad said...

Clarification - Log Cabin Maple-Flavored Syrup needs no refrigeration. Pure Maple Syrup NEEDS to be refrigerated after opening.

Anonymous said...

I put my teabags and flour in the fridge. Not sure why. -April

Kayla said...

I only refrigerate if it says I need to. Our peanut butter and syrup says to refrigerate but it's organic. My mom would freeze bread too but we go through it quick enough we don't. I do freeze things I don't use often so it will last longer (pecans, coconut, coffee, brown sugar). Got this from my mom but not sure it really does anything?

lauren and brad said...

I'm with your dad on this...REAL maple syrup must be refrigerated, but the pancake syrup can be in the cabinet...my mom refrigerates hers though. But, she is the one that told me to keep my shortening in the fridge. WRONG MOM! :)

We keep one stick of butter out in a dish so it's soft and the rest in the fridge.

Ash refrigerates her grapes...and I have started to.

NEVER refrigerate your tomatoes.

And we usually freeze our bisquick...though we haven't had it in awhile...part of that whole cook from scratch phase. :)

Shawn and Becky said...

Umm I'm slightly confused . . .and a little late to the party. Isn't bisquick a powder? Mine is always in the pantry . . . never thought to put it in the fridge . . . or that it would go bad - hummmm.

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