Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friends + India = Friendias

On Monday night Ryan and I went to dinner at Gopuram with our friend Ricky Gootam and his family who are missionaries in India. They have been visiting their sponsors on furlough in America for 2 months. I had never had Indian food before, and it was actually really good. Not as spicy as I thought it would be.I've known Ricky since I was in High School. He went to FHU in Henderson and ironically knew Ryan's sister at Freed before I ever knew Ryan! Then he moved to OKC to get his masters at OC so I knew him in college too. He and his family do amazing work for the Lord in India and run a children's home for orphans among many other things. Here is his lovely wife Sudeepa giving me a henna tatoo. It's supposed to wash off in 4-5 days. I really like it, but it kinda looks like a doodled on my hand with a brown marker. My doodle would not be near as pretty though if I had done it myself!Here's what it looked like after it dried. It's kind of like piping brown icing on your hand, then it has to dry for 30 min to stain your skin, then you can brush it off and see the pretty design left behind!


The Moores said...

Oh, I miss Ricky! He stood right behind me in Sonshine Singers practice everyday, such a sweet guy.
I love the tattoo, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

I know I could never doodle that pretty, especially if I were doodling on my right hand with my left hand. When I started reading your blog, Rickys name sounded familiar and now I know why. Carrie talked about him when they were in Sonshine singers together. God bless their work. Please pray for our safe trip and for Grandpas procedure. Can't wait to see you guys. Kiss my sweet girl for me. Love, Mom I

Leslie said...

aw, cute. i usually see henna on the palms and i think i like it on the back of hands as well! xo.

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