Friday, November 13, 2009

Fulfilling my promises: Cloth Diaper Update

I said I would let you know how it's going and what I'm liking best so here's the low down on cloth diapering. There are many things that could be discussed about this but I will try to hit the most FAQ's and if you have anymore feel free to comment!Q: What kind do I like best?
A: There are all sorts of cloth diapers out there. All-in-ones, fitteds, pockets, contours, prefolds, flats, etc. We've tried a little of each and so far my favorite is just using prefolds in a cover. The prefold is basically like a burp cloth but you can buy them online in different sizes and thickness to better suit your baby. They are also softer than the ones you can buy in Wal-mart or Babies-R-Us. They are about $1 a diaper and you can buy them on websites brand new from here, or used from here. We have a few dozen and I bought them all used online. The covers I like best are Thirsties brand and we have about 5 in the size she is in now. You don't have to change the cover every time you change the diaper. I like Thirsties the best because of the leg gussets and I've rarely had a leak in them. I've actually had more leaks in disposable I think than in cloth!

Q: How do you do laundry?
A: It's really much easier than I thought it would be. The dirty diapers go in the diaper pail beside our changing station. See pic below. It's just a normal garbage can with lid but I have a pail liner in it like this. Then when it's laundry day I just take the diaper bag and dump all the diapers in the wash along with the pail liner. I do diaper laundry about every 2-3 days. I wash them on hot with free and clear detergent as to prevent soap build up on the diapers (which can cause them to smell). Then I do an extra rinse on cold. If the diapers have any stink to them you can put a drop of dawn in the wash or use vinegar, but I rarely have this problem. Then if it's sunny they can dry outside (the sun takes all stains out!) or put them in the dryer.Q: What about nasty blow outs?
A: If the diaper is really disgusting and I don't want it sitting in the pail for a few days, I rinse it out in the tub, ring it out, then put it in the pail. Or if the pail is full I"ll just do laundry right then and it goes straight in the wash! My daughter just has breastfed poop which is pretty much liquid and washes right off. Ask me about this when she starts eating real food and we'll see what I'm doing then! I know they make thin liners that you can place in cloth diapers so you can remove the bulk and flush it...we'll see when we get to that point! If the diaper is just a little poopy though, it goes straight in the pail.

Q: What about the smell?
A: We have not had any issue with smell from the pail in her bedroom. The lid might help but since I do laundry every 2-3 days they don't sit around for that long.

Q: What do you do when not at home?
A: We use cloth when we go out too. I just have a small wetbag in the diaper bag to put the soiled ones in then I dump them in the pail when we get home. Even if you don't use cloth diapers I think all moms need one of these for blow outs and spit ups! I have 2, here is an example of some. Sometimes I'll use disposables when we go out but it's really no different.

That's my update! If you have anymore questions just leave them in the comments!


kmom said...

I liked seeing Olivia's bare piggies.

Anonymous said...

Glad its working out for you. Can't wait to get there and change a few of her diapers myself. You know its one of my favorite things to do. (No kidding). I love seeing those little piggies too. Love Mom I

Shawn and Becky said...

Yeah for cloth diapers ... and Thirsties covers. We're still doing it, with the real poop too. They still hold the poop better than disposables even at 14 months! I'm so glad it's working for you. I'll let you know if it really helps with potty training when we get there.

Leslie said...

I'll attest for the lack of smell! Four of us were in Olivia's room for about 15min with the door closed (I was closest to pail) and we never noticed anything. They're amazing. Kudos to you for saving the environment one diaper at a time! And weird about the sun...really? Now if only we had some of that around here.

Katie and John said...

Woohoo for cloth diapers. I love them. I will agree they do a better job of no blowouts than disposable. I swear everything she has a disposable on = blowout. Glad you like them, not only are they cute, but you got to love the cheaper factor :)

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