Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fulfilling my promises: Poll Winners

So a long long time ago I promised prizes for the people who won the baby poll and got closest to guessing Olivia's due date and weight. The prize was undetermined at the time and I mentioned it might be cool or lame. Since it's been this long and I still don't have much free time on my hands I decided the prize should be a shout out on my blog with 5 cool things about the people who won. I hope you girls don't mind that I stole pics from facebook to post on here....

The winner of the due date is KAYLA TUR!!!! Congratulations! You guessed the Thursday after my due date and you were correct. Here are 5 cool things about Kayla, who I don't know very well, but went to school (at OC) and church with for awhile at Memorial:
  1. She has an awesome blog that I follow...which is how I know so many cool things about her!
  2. She is SUPER crafty and likes to make really cute outfits for her little girl, paint pictures, sew hooded towels, make jewelry, and many more....
  3. Not only is she a wonderful mom to her 2 kids, but she randomly has craft days and invites other kids over to give their moms a break
  4. She is a strong Christian who is involved with the Celebrate Recovery program at church
  5. She is a loving wife who has stood by her husband while he battled cancer this past year. I prayed for her and her family to have strength throughout his treatments and was always impressed how positive she remained in all of her updates.
The winner of the weight guessing is JESSICA VAN WINKLE!!! Congratulations!! You were only one ounce off! Pretty impressive! This one will be a bit harder because I have never met you and I don't think you have a blog (I believe she knows my husband from years of growing up in Oregon) but I shall peruse your facebook page and see what I can find:
  1. She is a college student AND a mother of 2 AND a wife all at the same time....already I am impressed. I can barely get the laundry done with just one baby!
  2. She has beautiful red hair! I love red heads!
  3. She had the Stutzman brothers (Ben is Ry's best friend) dress up as Star Wars characters for her son's 4th birthday. I dunno whose idea this was but I LOVED the pics. So cute!
  4. She gave birth to an 11 pound 8 oz baby!! Amazing! (I know this from a comment she left.)
  5. We share a love of Harry Potter books.
Hope the prize wasn't too lame for you girls! Thanks for being faithful readers AND commenters on the blog!


Leslie said...

how did you get to be so sweet? this has got to be such a great prize for those two lucky winners.

Anonymous said...

wow i didn't even realize i was so close, thanks for the shout out! :D i got the star wars idea from a friend at my parent's church who also had ben and josh stutzman dress up as characters for her son's birthday. And i am lucky to have such a great mom and husband to help watch my kids while i am at school and at home doing homework. :D

I hope someday we will be able to meet face to face. :D Jessica Van Winkle

Kayla said...

I totally forgot about that little competition. It was fun seeing my name on your blog!

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