Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby's First Christmas!

I have a feeling there will be LOTS of Christmas photos over the next few days but here are the pics from our first Christmas in Oklahoma as a family. We celebrated this morning before we head out to TN. Somebody was REALLY excited about presents (or maybe she's beaming with pride at rolling over for the first time last night!)Here are our stockings under the tree. It looks like we were all good boys and girls this year. No coal!Thanks Lo for her Xmas PJ's. She looks so cute in them! And the slippers too!Liv helped unwrap presents for a bit but she was ready to go back to sleep so she didn't last long.She got lots of cute things in her stocking. Mostly hair bows and accessories all the way from Janine in North Carolina! She also got books from her cousins in Idaho and a special Christmas book from her grandma. Thanks guys! We got her a few things like a tummy time mirror, books, a Christmas shirt, and a new swaddler since she's about grown out of the small ones.After Olivia conked out, Ryan and I got to finish opening our presents. I had given Ry a list awhile ago but thanks to my mommy brain had forgotten everything on it so it was really exciting to open everything! His side of the family did a theme this year of books. We got some great ones and I'm looking forward to reading on the looong car ride!Don't even ask me what those silly 3d glasses are about but my hubby wanted them. I found the shirt all on my own though and was pretty proud! Of course Charlie got presents too. Mostly bones and a toy but the Hankins sent her a beautiful sweater and the cutest lollipop dog treats. She wanted to tear into them right away, but we made her pose for a photo.I'll post videos later. They take too long to upload. I hear it's going to snow pretty heavily tomorrow so I kind of hate that we will miss that, but am glad we are leaving town before the roads get too nasty!


Monique and Granny said...

Looks like Olivia had a special Christmas! Have a safe trip.


Such a cute family! What does Olivia have on her hand that Charlie is licking? Or is it just a sisterly kiss? =) Have a lovely time in TN! Love you! And THANK YOU for our books. I am excited to color in the coloring books! =)

NateandJanine said...

Have a Merry Christmas and be safe driving to TN!!

Leslie said...

I've been waiting for this year's pic of you and ryan with your loot! So weird that it's become part of my Christmas to see those pics, huh? So weird. I'd like to make some comments on those particular fave pics of mine:

1. I was so sad that your pack of orbit gum is so much smaller than ryan's, but then I realized that it must be relative to rate of bad breath and then I chuckled to myself.
2. Bacon Wave>?
3. Saw that pump soda thing @ the fair this year and held it in my hands for a hot 5 minutes while Jamie convinced me that I didn't need it. Needless to say, I'm jealous. And yes, I think that jealousy IS becoming on me.
4. How cool that you got so many cutting boards....wait a second...what's in the other hand? OMG, is that a LARGE cutting board??

Shannon's knitting skills are amazing.

lauren and brad said...

She DOES look cute in them! :)

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