Monday, December 14, 2009

The Evolution of Pen Pals

At the start of 3rd grade my bff Erin had just moved to a different school and I was pretty bummed. On the first day of school I met a new girl named Monique who had moved to Tennessee all the way from England. She had the cutest accent but I couldn't remember her name, I came home and told my parents it was Mon-kwee or something like that. We immediately became best buds and stayed that way until she moved to Georgia in the middle of 4th grade. I was devastated but we became pen pals (remember the days before email?) and wrote each other very often. I think I've only seen her two or three times since she moved in 4th grade but we wrote letters throughout elementary school, then moved on to emails in high school and college, then to facebook, and now she has a wonderful blog that I wanted to introduce to my readers. She has recently quit her job to take care of her husband's grandmother who has alzheimers. It's a full time selfless commitment and she chronicles their daily adventures in a blog that I enjoy reading and thought you might too! It's called Days with Granny and I hope you'll check it out and leave her some comment love! Thanks Monique for being my friend when I needed one most 19 years ago and thanks for still being my friend today!! This photo was the last time I saw her (and her sister Leigh), the summer before college....(Yes those are the real photos from our 3rd grade year book. I'm sure you can tell that I'm the awkward one on the right with crooked bangs--thanks mom--and Monique is the cute proper British looking one on the left.)


Yellow Like Mustard said...

I went to her blog to check it out...and ended up reading every single entry!

She must be an amazing person and friend.

Monique and Granny said...

Thank you for those sweet words! I haven't seen those pictures in ages. Can't stop laughing at my yearbook picture! I'm glad we stayed pen pals all these years.

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