Thursday, December 17, 2009

Like a second father

I was really hoping to hear him laugh one more time. I loved that laugh.... Celeste's dad passed away this morning after his battle with cancer. No fitting words are coming to mind to say how much this man and his family have meant to me over the years. My heart aches for them but I'm comforted knowing he isn't in any pain anymore. Please be praying for the Latham family.


Leslie said...

oh man. i'm so sorry.

kmom said...

I forgot to tell his family about my recent car wreck (backing into Amy's car and doing major damage,) so they could tell him and he could remember with a laugh the time you ran into Celeste's old car. He was so kind. Although he may have had the distinction of being the oldest father of your classmates in 3rd grade through high school when we were around him the most, he was definitely one of the best fathers.

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