Thursday, December 10, 2009

Newsletter: 3 Months

Dear Olivia,
You have changed so much this month but you are getting more fun every day! Before this month you were fun to look at, but now that you interact with us, this parenting job is getting much more rewarding! You are smiling at us and even copying little noises we make. You love to blow bubbles, kick your legs, stare at your hands, and put your fists in your mouth. Every now and then you even get your thumb in there.I've blogged about your hair before but it is definitely the feature people comment on the most. It is wild and crazy and is never the same from one day to the next and I love it. In a close second would of course be your big brown beautiful eyes. Yes some people call them "bug eyes" and in pictures they definitely look that way, but in person they are just so cute! You take in your surroundings and study people closely with those gorgeous eyes. Tonight you meticulously studied the little boy at church who got in your face and yelled "Hello baby, my name is Carson. CAR-SON" like you could understand him or something. But with those eyes you look like you did understand him.This month we went on your first long car ride to Branson to meet your great grandparents. You also finally got to meet your other grandpa this month and you had a wonderful time. You were so well behaved in the car and in an unfamiliar place. I'm hoping you will be this easy of a traveller when we go to Tennessee for Christmas.You are definitely a great sleeper. You take great naps and can sleep anywhere through anything. You slept through a very loud show in Branson, you can fall asleep sitting up in my lap when I'm talking, you fall asleep eating, you can sleep in your swing or on the floor or in the car, on your tummy, on your back, on your side, and although you sometimes require bouncing or singing before bedtime at night, once you're asleep you sleep for a good 8 hour stretch or so.You love riding in the car, going to baby yoga, singing songs, playing with daddy, craning your neck to find the TV (even though I purposefully face you away from it), and having your diaper changed. You aren't too fond of baths or having to have your nose suctioned, but who really is?This month I have started working again part time and while I hate to leave you, it's so much easier knowing that you are in the good hands of my friend Amanda and her little boy Pierson who adores you. We think you guys have a special bond because of how much I held Pierson while I was pregnant with you. Even though you are giving him the stink eye in this picture I think you two will become wonderful playmates when you can move around a little more.People would always ask me those first few weeks if you were an easy baby and my reply was always "I don't know, she's the only baby I've ever had." Truthfully I did not think there was much that was easy about you. You did seem to cry a lot, there was no rhyme or reason to your eating patterns, then I had to wake you to eat because you would want to sleep ALL day. Now I think you are an easy baby. It could be because you are older or because I'm learning to read you better, but either way we can go a whole day without crying now! Somedays you like to be held a lot, but usually when you aren't eating or sleeping I can lay you down or put you in your little bouncer and you are happy as a lark as you try to grab the toys and make cooing noises.I can't believe at this time last year I didn't even know I was pregnant. I had no idea that it was my last winter without a little baby. I am so excited for this Christmas season since it is our first as a family. Even though you are too young to enjoy things like presents and ornaments, this holiday season will always be a special one because it will be my first Christmas as a mother. Thank you for giving me the best gift of all little girl!


kmom said...

I've been waiting for this post! I like the video! Olivia is really smart to be able to imitate you already. What is her bouncer? I want to come visit. Maybe Ryan's mother and I can come on fairy wings and we can visit with each other, play house, and take turns with Olivia.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun Debby. Let me know when you locate those fairy wings. What a sweet sweet baby. I love the way she looks right at the camera like she knows what she's doing. My computer screen is a mess because I can't help reaching out to touch her. Happy 3 months Olivia. Grandma loves you. Our Thanksgiving trip was sooo much fun and I know your Christmas trip to Tennessee is going to be great. I'm sure Santa will be good to you, Olivia. Mom

Anonymous said...

Katie and Ryan,
I can hardly wait to meet this precious little one some day. I look forward to your blogs and pictures of Olivia. She is amazing and so blessed to have you for a mom and dad.
Love you,
Aunt Debby

Anonymous said...

I love the big eyes too, and I love getting to see all the pictures. I can't wait to meet her. Love you!

~Rachel :)

Leslie said...

hi baby, liv! such a sweet post for a sweet baby and SWEEEET MOMMA!!

Micah said...

Love the face she is giving that little boy! :)

Monique and Granny said...

Cute video of Olivia!

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