Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No wonder she's screaming today

After reviewing all the photos from Tennessee I now realize why my usually "easy" baby is all of a sudden SCREAMING her head off the second I put her down to try and do the simplest of tasks: eat, use the bathroom, you know the things you have to do to survive. It's because she was held and loved on by so many people 24/7 that now she won't stand for me to put her down for tummy time, back time, side time, anytime. So she is spending the day in the wrap. Anyway here's the proof of all the people who spoiled my daughter while we were home. Yes it's a lot of photos, so I hope you have your popcorn ready.

Such a sweet moment when Poppy got to meet his first great grandchild. He was smitten and I think she loves him too.Grammy had lots of things to talk to Olivia about while we were there. They often looked at the lights on the tree and had babbling conversations. Olivia had to prove to her that she could smile and blow bubbles and coo and not always have a blank bug eyed poker face like she does in all the pictures on the blog. Then of course there is Poppa who rocked her to sleep for many naps and made her smile with his silly antique goggles I got him for Christmas. Here he is helping her unwrap her Christmas stocking gifts. She had to streeeetch before reaching in. Cracks me up.

And of course she was loved on by her Aunt Amy and Uncle Joe who has vowed to grow a beard every Christmas so all the photos and memories we have of him will be with a beard. Olivia got her first pair of crocs from them and you can see the utter disgust on her face. I guess a distaste for crocs is in the genes. She's pulling away at the first glance of them.And of course she got love from her cousins Bonnie and Rachel (and her great aunt and uncle but I don't think I got photos of them somehow)Oh look here are two people who didn't hold her the whole week. She EVEN got loved on by that Peruvian house boy I blogged about back in July. And we also got love from Ms. Donna, Celeste, AND Erin.

She didn't even have to sleep by herself at night. She got to have slumber parties with Aunt Amy. At first she was a little skeptical about this as you can see by the look on her face. But after spending more quality time with her she decided she preferred this to her playpen.It was hard to say goodbye to the family since I know she will be SOOO different the next time they see her. She just changes and grows so much every day. But we will have fond memories of her first Christmas with all of these people we love so much!


kmom said...

Actually, Olivia wants to go outside and get a close look at the snow (wearing her warm snowsuit of course.) She wants to see Ms. Charlie Dog run and fetch her new toy in the snow. It is so nice to be missed.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean by not being able to do the simple things around the house. Hannah does the same thing. But I cannot help but love every moment =-). The pictures are great! Glad to see everyone had a great time home for the holidays. I love the 90's hair doing on! -April

Erin said...

I love all your pictures! It looks like you had a great time. And P.S. I need to get the hook up to Lauren about these wraps. I think I'm in dire need. :)

lauren and brad said...

What a fun time you had back home! I'm so glad it was a good baby's FIRST christmas. LOVE you all.

Monique and Granny said...

Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

My theory is that a child cannot have too many people that love her and this little girl is truly blessed in that arena. But, what's not to love. Such a sweetie. We can't wait to see you in the spring and share the love here in Oregon. I miss her mama and daddy too. Hope you have a fun new years eve. Love, Mom

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