Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Short Stories

A list of things that could be posts all their own but time does not allow it, so here's the shorter version (Warning: #5 is about poop)......
  1. Our mailbox has been vandalized again, this time with the word "zero" and yes they put it in quotations.
  2. Before turkey day, I was letting Charlie outside when 2 teens emerged from behind my garage, casually strolled by me and let themselves out the front gate. I stood speechless. I wasn't scared I just honestly was in shock. Finally I moved to the driveway and by that time they were in the street and one yelled back "sorry!" I still don't know what they were doing and probably don't want to.
  3. Ryan took me out to Cattleman's for my birthday last week and we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox which we both really enjoyed. He also gave me a gift certifcate to get a pedicure and promised I could have a whole day to myself soon for shopping or whatever. I'm very excited about this!
  4. Pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones have ruined what was left of my dental hygiene. I went to the dentist because of my SUPER sensitive gums and found out I have 6 cavities. Had 2 filled last week on the left side and am going back for 4 on the right Friday.
  5. The day we left for Branson I got my hair chopped off and did some Xmas shopping. Olivia stayed in her carrier and slept most of the time this was going on. When we arrived at our last stop, Office Depot, I decided to carry her in because I just needed to quickly buy stamps. Upon getting her out I realized she had pooped all over her car seat. She was still sleeping so I just threw a blanket over her back so people in the store wouldn't notice. (There was no time to clean all that up especially when we were going home next.) Get stamps, get home, strip her down, there was NO poop in her diaper! It somehow just exploded out the back! It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to take the car seat all apart to wash it and we had JUST enough time to wash, dry, and put it back together before we left for Branson. (just so you other new moms know, you CAN wash it in the washing machine even though the tag says not to)
  6. I did not have a crying meltdown when I had to leave Olivia to go back to work last week. I was proud of myself. I did miss her though and was SO excited to see her. The in-laws made it home safely, so this week she is at Amanda's house having so much fun with Pierson. It's so fun to see her when I get off work! She even smiled at me really big when I picked her up the other day!
  7. We have our tree up and decorated but that is probably all the Xmas decor I will put up this year. And we did end up putting it in our TV room since we are never in the living room. I'm sure I'll post pics of it later.
  8. Olivia fell asleep sitting in my lap while I typed this.
  9. Saturday I went to Blackwell, OK on an antiquing adventure with some ladies from church. Olivia stayed with Ryan and he managed to keep her alive and happy! I'd like to give a special shout out to the lady in Rowe's Antique store who came to my rescue by letting me use their employee room when the car charger to my breast pump failed to work. I doubt you read my blog ma'am but I seriously thank you!!
So you can see there have been a lot of things going on that I can blog about but I just had to cram it all in one post!


kmom said...

Was the promised day in #3 the day you went antiquing in #9?

Micah said...

#5...Reagan has done the same thing before...poop everywhere except her diaper. Justin and I were perplexed.

devon lorraine ... said...

this was the best post. i think i like how all these stories are crammed together --- it gives it a sense of how chaotic the past couple weeks must have been for you!!

Kayla said...

Those teens are probably the vandals. You should have followed them home!

Leslie said...

How does that even happen? I kinda don't understand. And spot on, devs, sense of chaos!

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