Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Traditiioooooon Tradition

Growing up our Christmas traditions included the following:
  • Santa's presents were unwrapped and presents from mom and dad were wrapped
  • Food! Christmas cookies and special bread (pumpkin and poppyseed to be specific)
  • Driving around to see lights
  • Traveling to Michigan on Christmas day and eating at Waffle House
  • Traditions in Michigan included ice skating, sledding, spaghetti at the cousins followed by a movie, playing games
  • Decorating the tree while we listened to Roger Whittaker. Never heard of him? Here's a sampling.
  • Yeah I'm not sure how that one started either.
Now that I have my own little family I want to have traditions that Olivia will remember when she grows up. Although I'm sure some traditions aren't things you purposefully do, they just naturally happen, we still have started a few that I hope we continue...
  • We get a hallmark ornament every year. This year's ornament is in honor of our newest gift.
  • Instead of gift tags we each pick out a wrapping paper and that's what all of our presents are wrapped in. I picked Olivia's paper out this year but maybe in a few she can pick out her own.
  • I'm not sure if we've done this every year since we've been married but we open one present the night before.
  • I'd like homemade Christmas cards to be a tradition but this year there will not be any. It was just too overwhelming to even think about.
  • Troll Nativity scene. (although once again, this year I've slacked off and it's not up)
Hopefully I will come up with more as the years go by, but those are a few we have started. What are some fun holiday traditions that you have?

I would now like to direct your attention to the wrapping paper my sister in law, Carrie, wrapped our presents in. Yes she HAND STITCHED wrapping paper...so cute...but who besides Martha Stewart can do this?! And did I mention she has 3 kids. Carrie, how did you have time to do this?! And I was proud of myself today for making it out to the mailbox.....

(does anyone else think it's humorous that the title of this Christmas related post is a song from a Jewish musical? I didn't do it on purpose I promise.)


Kayla said...

Am I the only person who just has all the gifts be from Santa. I just realized that. My kids will start liking Santa more than me!!? haha

The Moores said...

Glad you like the wrapping paper, it actually didn't take that long to do.
All this talk about tradition makes me realize that our family doesn't really have any! Which is a little sad, I'm going to have to start some this year.

Leslie said...

Fiddler on the Roof? Nice. Also, have you been watching SingOff on NBC?

amanda said...

- LOVE Roger's purple velour jacket. I haven't heard of him but I'm listening to it now and totally sounds Christmassy. It's on the download list.

- your wrapping paper idea is so creative. And simple. So, all of the gifts for each person to open is wrapped the same, is that right? Or every gift that you give is wrapped the same?

- buying a new ornament every year is a sweet idea.

- trolls are creepy.

- you have fun traditons!! Makes me want to do a post like this too...coming soon!!! I'm sure your house will be adorable all dressed up with a tree!!!

Anonymous said...

Roger has been one of my favorite singers since the 70s. I'm glad you've discovered him. I love Carries packaging too. I never have been very creative in that area. Love you all. Mom I

Shawn and Becky said...

Love the wrapping paper idea and Carries wrapping! My mom has bought us an ornament each year since we were born. I'll do the same with Cameron. I think we're starting traditions on our own, just not sure which will stick yet. Guess that's not really a tradition then?!?

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Yeah, I sang right along with you. Merry Christmas!

trish said...

our family also opens one gift on Christmas Eve (99% usually pj's), and we each have one specific wrapping paper that our presents are wrapped in. great minds think alike :)

my mom always makes cinnamon streusel bread for Christmas morning, yum!

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