Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A list that has nothing to do with Olivia

Think I can do it? Probably not but I'll try
  1. A man has been living in his truck parked in front of our house for over 2 weeks now. At least its his own truck and not our car like when we lived in our apt. I memorized his plate in case I come home to find our house broken into one day.
  2. Don't judge me but our Christmas tree is still up.
  3. I know it's not a new show but I'm hooked on The Deadliest Catch. I started with season one on netflix and I watch it while I go to sleep at night. It's so fascinating to me. Crabs look like big spiders though so it also grosses me out.
  4. It's been like 40 or 50 degrees the past few days and it actually feels kind of warm only because the days before had been like 2 degrees. Schools were cancelled last week for cold weather...not snow...just cold. It was pretty weird.
  5. I'm ready for Lost to start back along with all the other shows that took their winter break.
  6. My hubby and I have been playing Scrabble lately and I LOVE it! Even though I usually win I'm glad he still plays with me.
  7. We had an impromptu game night with friends Sunday night when church was cancelled (also due to cold weather) and it was a mucho fun!
  8. I cooked for the first time literally in months last Friday and was so stinking proud of myself.
  9. Google Reader tells me I have 150 new posts to read so I better cut this short and get to reading!
P.S. I did it! I didn't mention her once even though I wanted to. I'm almost as proud as I was when I cooked dinner last week. Now scroll down and smile at that adorable photo!!


Monique and Granny said...

We just took down our Christmas tree yesterday. One of my friends came in my house this week and exclaimed, "Merry Christmas!" when she saw that our tree was still up. :) It's fun to have to up awhile after Christmas.

tricia said...

i am so excited for Lost too! i love how they arranged the State of the Union Address to not interfere with the Lost premiere :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I scrolled down and yes, I did smile. Please tell me you don't have your tree lights on anymore at least. Do you suppose they just cancel church services for the winter in states like Michigan and Alaska where its 30 below for pretty much 3 months in a row. Those poor Christians. Okay, I'm off my soap box now. I too love the Deadliest Catch. Its one of the shows I miss the most now that we don't have cable. Love ya, Mom (Grandma I).

Anonymous said...

If you like scrabble, maybe you would like my new favorite, Bananas. You know you've seen them in all kinds of stores. Some of your relatives like the game, some don't.

Anonymous said...

OOps. forgot to say the last comment was from Aunt Sandra

ktsdad said...

Not getting the Christmas tree down may be genetic!

kmom said...

I'm finishing taking the lights off our tree today. Maybe all the Christmas stuff will be put away tomorrow. We might leave out the lighted Christmas village for awhile. The other stuff is bunched together in a couple of places waiting to be put away. The ornaments are put away and in the attic. Since I was almost late setting everything out, I have not been in a hurry to put it all away. That is my excuse this year.

lauren and brad said...

I'm so proud! I have tried doing "nonkid" posts for weeks! grrrrr

Leslie said...

aunt sandra = bananas is terrific

lo = ha.

katie = what the heck is up with a guy living in his truck?? is there someone you can call about that? oh dear. i've never had heartburn, but i think deadliest catch gives me the closest symptoms i've ever had. woah, crazy show!


I got hooked on The Deadliest Catch a year or so ago as well! I didn't realize I was watching it so much unti I started referring to the captains by name and boat! It is very interesting. Yeah for cooking, what did you make? I wish I could play Scrabble with you, I love that game. I stink at it, but I love it!

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