Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Made you look. Are you crazy? I know myself better than that. Of course there are things I have in the back of my mind that I would like to accomplish this year, but the only thing in the forefront of my mind is getting Olivia through the latest growth spurt or whatever it is that has made her such a " high needs baby" (as Dr. Sears would call it) the last few days. We managed to escape her crying fits today for a few hours (thank you Laura!) and went to see Avatar in 3D with cousin Kira and Beezo. We arrived right before the movie was about to start and the only seats left were on the front row. No way was I going to do that to myself so we waited 45 minutes for the next one to start and got MUCH better seats. I'm in NO way a sci-fi fan, but I give this movie a B- overall. It's fairly predictable and pretty cheesy in some parts and there are various underlying political points, (I didn't pick up on all of them as later explained by my hubby), but other than that it's pretty visually amazing and action packed. I didn't get dizzy with the 3d either. Anyway speaking of "high needs" I need to go attend to a certain member of the family. Hope you all are having a great cryfest-free start to your new year!


kmom said...

Maybe Olivia is missing the remnants of your oreo cookie blast from the Dairy Queen. Wish I could be there to help take care of her. Maybe we can talk on Skype.

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I were there to help out too. I'm glad you have friends that can be there for you. Thank you Ry and Katies friends since the Grandmas are absent. We appreciate you all. Kiss that sweet girl for me. Love you all. Mom

trish said...

I remember the only movie that we had to sit in the front row of was when I was 4 for the Care Bear movie. My poor little neck hurt the day after. Well worth it though :)

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