Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newsletter: 4 months

Dear Olivia,
The months just keep getting better and better! I am continually amazed at how fast you grow and learn things. They may be simple things but they seem huge when I consider you didn't exist outside of my womb 4 months ago! You are now 25 inches long and almost 15 lbs! You can roll from your back to your tummy and most recently from your tummy to your back. I didn't see that one happen but I put you on your tummy and stepped out of the room for 2 seconds to blow my nose and when I came back in you were already on your back. I think Charlie might be teaching you things when I'm in the shower.This past month you've also gotten really good at reaching for toys and putting them in your mouth. It's so fun to watch you try to figure out the mechanics of it all. I can really see your brain working as you stare at your hands and the toy and slowly try to make contact with it.

You survived your first LONG car trip and did far better than I ever imagined. I loved watching my family play with you in Tennessee. You'd been such an easy baby for quite a few weeks that your daddy and I were feeling like old pros, but then we returned to OKC and you decided to give us a run for the money. We used to go days without even hearing you cry, so when you decided you were done with naps, done with daddy rocking you to sleep, and instead all you wanted to do was scream, we were so confused. You cried so much you lost your voice, then you whined for days and pouted your lip constantly. I checked you for fever and you didn't have a cough so I didn't see much of a reason to take you to the doctor. I'm chalking it up to a growth spurt and trying to enjoy holding you for all naps and wearing you in the wrap to keep you happy, but I think your daddy would appreciate it if you let him rock you to sleep again. Even throughout your crying fits you still slept through the night and I am so thankful you are such a good sleeper.

Everyone told me to stick to breastfeeding through month 3 and it would get easier. I'm happy to announce they were right and I really enjoy it now! It is soo much easier and there isn't much burping, spitting up, latch issues, or pillow propping. Sure we still have not so fun days of marathon feedings when you aren't feeling well (or another growth spurt) but overall it's been an incredible bonding experience.I love coming in to get you in the mornings. On the days I work I sometimes have to wake you up but you always give me the biggest smile in the morning as you look up to me from your crib. It is the absolute best way to start the day! You often are awake when I peek in on you but you don't make a noise. You just lay there and coo at your animals or look around the room and wait for me to come in.We have lots of names that we call you. Olivia, Liv, Livvy, Bright Eyes, Baby, and I often call you Cockatoo. I'm sure you can guess why. That hair! I'm sure by the previous post you can see that it is still one of your best features and oh so versatile! We love the headbands but I think it's time I get some barettes and baby ponytail holders because I think it's time for some new do's!This month we also just started trying to get you in a bedtime routine. We'll see if it helps you go down easier in the evenings. You get a bath, we read some books, say prayers, and currently you get nursed to sleep although I'm hoping once you're through this rough patch your daddy can put you to sleep again. Below is a picture of you in a dress that was mine when I was a baby. I wonder if my mom ever thought that she would see her daughter's daughter wearing it. And now I wonder if your daughter will wear it one day! But I can't think about that because it will make time go by even faster and it's already going by way too fast! I am trying to cherish each moment...especially lately since I've had to hold you in order for you to take a nap. I just tell myself that you won't fit in my arms forever so enjoy this feeling of you needing me while it lasts because soon you'll be crawling and constantly on the go. Now I'm going to quit typing and pick you up so I can hold you and enjoy that cuddly-ness some more before it fades!

Love you,


lauren and brad said...

i can't believe how fast the time is going! i am so happy i get to watch this precious girl grow. love you liv!

kmom said...

I really like that last picture. I like seeing her in that dress and hairdo and of course smiling. I'm so glad Olivia has a mirror she can look in while she exercises on her stomach. She liked looking in the one on the activity gym while she was visiting. She has learned so much in just 2 weeks since she was here. Wow! Olivia has fine parents.
Love from Grammy.

Anonymous said...

I love you Olivia. I can only hope that you are as easy to raise as your daddy was. Now that he is a parent, maybe he can catch a glimpse of how much his parents love him and cherish him. You are so precious and Grandma can't wait to see you in a couple of months.

Matt and Shannon said...

that last pic is super cute!!! have fun at game night. see you tomorrow.

The McDowells said...

I am glad nursing is going well! It will really continue to get easier and easier.

Anonymous said...

ooh, a sweet smile!!
Aunt Sandra

Anonymous said...

Olivia looks adorable in your dress Katie! Ryan looks like he getting to be an old pro at this parenting thing.
Aunt Debby

Leslie said...

i can't believe you were in the same dress as a baby and it's so immaculate! what kind of detergent did your parents use?? :) this calls for a side-by-side of you + liv!

that video was completely amazing. her coordination is so dramatically diff from when we were there TWO months ago! crazy. oh wait, but then again, i guess she IS twice the age she was when we met her. WEIRD.

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