Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pitiful Baby

Ryan said I should start a different blog called The Pathetic Baby Blog where I just put pics of Olivia pouting, crying, and whining because that is all she has been doing lately. Most of the time it doesn't even sound sincere, it's just kind of pitiful, but every now and then she is so pathetic it breaks your heart a little bit. We had a friend over last week and the whole time she held her Olivia would raise her fist and let out a wail then bury her face in Kelsey's chest, raise fist and wail, bury head, and repeat over and over. I wish we'd gotten a video of it. But I did get a video of her being pitiful in her crib the other day. Don't worry I picked her up after I shot this little video and she went to sleep shortly after.
You can hear a little of the hoarseness and a little of the billy goat. But what can I say...she's learned from the best!


Anonymous said...

It sure pulls at Grandmas heart strings. Man, how I wish I was there to just hold and rock her. Love you guys. Mom

lauren and brad said...

I swear...her and des are soul mates! They have SO MUCH in common! :) I feel for you friend! xoxo

Let's have a pity party SOON! Or we should call it a pitiFUL party!

Anonymous said...

That is pitiful. Sorry she got so spoiled while in TN. Can't wait to see you guys again. Love you. Give Livy a kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

PS that lost comment was Bonnie. Sorry. lol

Micah said...

The billy goat thing is funny. That is pitiful that she's cried so much she's hoarse. Hopefully she'll get over the fussiness soon!

Shawn and Becky said...

Oh so sad . . . almost like she just can't get that thumb to do what she's hoping for.

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