Sunday, January 03, 2010

Reading is like riding a bicycle

You never forget how to read apparently! I just checked the archives and the last time I did a book review was a year ago. A YEAR! And I vowed then that I was going to read biographies in the year of 2009. Guess what? I read zero. In fact I read nothing unless you count a few pregnancy/parenting/child development/breastfeeding books that I more or less skimmed. I didn't feel like doing reviews on them because I didn't think my audience at large really cared. But I'm proud to announce I read 2 whole fiction books over Christmas vacation! Two! So I will give you the low down on them before my daughter beckons my attention (she isn't crying as much today but I think it's because she's hoarsed from crying so much that last few days. So now she's even more pitiful when she musters up a raspy wail)

The Road by Cormac McCarthy has just been released as a movie but I'm not sure I can watch it. Don't get me wrong, I loved the book, but there are some pretty disturbing things in it that I'm not sure I can watch on the big screen...or a small one. The book is about a man and his son who are roaming a post apocolyptic (I would've quit reading this review at the sound of that word but I promise it's good) America. Any day could be their last as they are scrounging for food anywhere they can. They rarely cross another human's path but when they do it's usually not a good thing because most of the people left have only survived by killing (and eating) others. It's not a real "pick-me-up" type of book, but it really is a love story about this father and son. I also found it very interesting to read while we were driving on the interstate because I felt like I was on the "road" with them. The book would reference running and hiding in the woods or a house in the distance or coming across a small town and I would look out the car window and see those things and imagine they were walking on that very road. If anything, it makes you think, and I do like books like that. However, if you only like "feel good" books, then I don't think I could recommend this one.

The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton is a fun girly read about young mothers in the 60's who meet at a playground and form a great friendship. They quickly discover a common interest in books and a love of writing that challenges them to rise above the stereotypes given to women in that day. I really liked this book too and I think it would be fun to pass around your book club if you have one (I think only girls would probably enjoy it though). And my edition comes handy with good discussion questions already printed in the back! This book also references many other famous books that I think I will add to my future reading list.

The Same Kind of Different as Me is a true story/memoir that I read a few months ago that I just remembered about. Not exactly a biography but it was a good read. It's written from the perspective of the two people it is about: Ron Hall a wealthy art dealer and Denver Moore a homeless man who basically grew up as a slave. The two meet when Ron and his wife start volunteering at a homeless shelter. They develop a friendship that takes them on a spiritual journey of sorts as they face life's trials together. I loved it because it is a true story and shows just how people from two COMPLETELY differently worlds can influence each others lives and strengthen each other's relationships. I think most people would like to read this book. It is definitely a "feel good" book.

I got many books for Christmas so I hope to keep this up and not let a whole year go by before I do another review. I can't believe it had been that long! On a random note every time I've done one of these reviews I can't help but think back to Reading Rainbow when the little kids would give brief reviews of the books they liked. I hope I'm a little more eloquent than that but somehow I doubt it. If you have no idea what I'm referring to I just so happened to find some on youtube. Of course. There isn't much you can't find on the internet these days.


Leslie said...

so many things:

can you read while in the car? really? without motion sickness? kudos.

end of the world movies are my nemesis. i just know i'd never survive, there is nothing survival about me, and they plague my dreams. under any distress, i'd just curl up in a fetal position and pee myself in fear. garage door stuck and i'm in my car? fetal position. witness to a car accident? freeze in place...maybe throw my hands up for good measure. anyone jumping out at me from dark corners (aka zombies of others who also didn't survive)? PEE MYSELF.

i think the last book sounds the most interesting to me and HILARIOUS about reading rainbow!

i don't think i remembered that was the point of the show. i think i just paid attention to the title song and went on my merry way. whoops.

Leslie said...

crap. now it's stuck in my head.

take a look, it's in a book. the reading rainboooW! \

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked your books. I hope you treat yourself to alot more reading time in 2010. Love ya, Mom

devon lorraine ... said...

the reading rainbow tune TAKES ME BACK!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Thanks for the reading list. I have been looking for some new books to read.

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