Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be My Valentine!

Olivia spent hours preparing for her first Valentine's party. She meticulously cut out the shapes to make these....Then signed her name on all of them....They are sucker ladybugs whose wings open! (before you tell her she's a creative genius, I'll tell you that she saw the idea here)Then she packed them all in a box to go to her first Valentine's party.She picked out her best Valentine-esque outfit to wear to the party.She did a great job passing out the cards to all of her little friends.We crafted bags for the kiddos to take home all of their loot in. Olivia made a bag with crazy hair...wonder why?
The babes were getting fussy so Kati brought out her guitar to sing and they all got really quiet and enjoyed the show. Here are some of Liv's favorite Valentine friends....

We sort of got a group photo but some people had already left. I must admit I think her favorite Valentine (besides me of course) is Ben. Just look at these two buddies....Here's two videos that I thought were adorable for three reasons
1. The way Ben says Liv (Wiv) and says she's cute
2. He's teaching her colors...I think he's the smartest 2 year old, he knows all his shapes too including diamond, oval, and rectangle!
3. Wotis instead of Otis...too cute!
Anyway all of this fun happened on Friday and then I got to spend the real Valentine's Day with my hubby buying new pots and pans! He also made me a very sweet card (and wore a tie *gasp* on Sunday). Sadly I didn't get a picture of the 3 of us but I had a wonderful first Valentine with my daughter and hubby. How was your Valentine?


devon lorraine ... said...

i love wiv's crazy haired bag! she's so cool.

Leslie said...

seriously, seems like you guys had such a terrific time during valentine's day!! i love that ben totally knows how to play with wiv (hapi wiv!). i think it's high time you guys trust him to watch her while you go out for parents' night already, don't you? :)

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter is SOOO talented and creative and sooo cute too. Only one week. Alright!!! Happy Bday to Ry tomorrow. Love, Mom

Shawn and Becky said...

So crafty already (and so good), watch out Martha she'll be coming for your job in 20 years

lauren and brad said...

liv's valentines were so cute! we were lucky to get to celebrate with you and I know that liv is ben's favorite! :)

I can't get the videos to work...

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