Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Newsletter: 5 Months

Dear Olivia,
Five months old already?! You are outgrowing your clothes and outgrowing every stage as you continually learn new things and outgrow yourself! I constantly look back on the blog and at pictures on the computer and am amazed how fast you've grown and how fast I forget how tiny you once were! You're most recent achievements this month include rubbing your eyes when you're tired (which is pretty cute), twirling your hair--usually when nursing (which is even cuter than rubbing your eyes), getting close to sitting on your own, and holding your head up for long periods of time when you're on your back. I think you like to work those abs! You can roll both ways but you don't do it very often.You're still a very social baby (probably because I'm a social mama) and will smile at lots of people and let anyone hold you without fussing. I take you to Bunco and to the store and to friends houses and you just go with the flow. Sometimes I wish you preferred for me to hold you but I'm also glad that I can drop you off in Bible class and know you'll be happy as a lark!You've also started this thing with your mouth that I posted a video of. You act like you're chewing on something and make some pretty funny faces. I think you are just learning how your mouth works. Maybe it will help you get prepared for food in a few more weeks...months..I'm not ready to think of that yet because it means you're growing up and I want you to stay my baby!Your fine motor skills are getting better. You like to play with your toys and can grasp onto things really well now. You've even mastered the art of putting the pacifier in your own mouth! Sometimes you like to double fist it just to make sure it stays in place. You reach for Charlie when she is around and occasionally pet her or grab her ear. I think you are getting close to playing tug of war with her. You love to play with my hands and fingers and every now and then you'll reach for my face when you're close to it.This month you got to see your first snow...and ice. We had fun being snuggled up inside together for a few days as a family. We laid in bed lots and made you smile and just stared at how cute you are! I think we're both having lots of fun with you these days! We've been trying to get you to laugh again since the first time we got it on video but you haven't really laughed since. Don't worry we will definitely keep trying!
The most noticeable change this month (besides your pants getting shorter on you) is definitely your cry! One night coming home from a church activity I noticed you were crying differently in the car. It wasn't the cute billy goat cry. It was louder and didn't sound anything like you. Since then, you've decided that's how you would cry. No more snorting, no more teeny baby cry. You often just flex your pipes and yell for no reason. It can be annoying but since you are the one making the's still cute.I think the bath time routine we've got going has been helping you stay happier in the evenings. I think you are happiest after your bath...and during. Usually daddy gets to bathe you and then you lay naked and kick and squeal on the floor for a long time. We put the space heater nearby so you don't get cold. But you are so smiley and chatty at that time of day. Then daddy reads you a story and I nurse you to sleep. You still usually sleep through the night and take about 3 or 4 naps a day. You're getting better at napping in your crib or on my bed and not in the wrap. I will have to remember not to let people hold you the whole time you sleep when we are in Oregon in a few weeks!
I love picking out your clothes for the day and am pretty bummed when I see how many outfits you've already outgrown. Many outfits you only wear once so I try to put my favorite ones on you more often. I still haven't had to shop for you though because we have so many clothes from showers and hand me downs and friends and family who love to shop for you. I don't mind at all, but there are a few consignment sales coming up that I'm sure I will have to visit. The next newsletter will be your 6 month newsletter which means you'll be half a year old! I think I will probably cry. I know I will. You've stolen my heart and made me a cliche' mom who says all the things moms say and feels all the things moms feel and I thank you for that. You will always be the cutest, cuddliest, and smartest baby in my eyes and I love you more and more every day.


The Moores said...

Good luck with the not being held while she's sleeping thing while you're in Oregon :). I'm sure Alice will have some readjusting to do after our visit too.

Anonymous said...

And I am the cliche Grandma who thinks her grandchildren are the cutest, smartest, funniest people on the planet. But, really, in my case its true. I am so blessed. Can't wait to see you guys in a few days. Love, Mom

Monique and Granny said...

That brought tears to my eyes.

lauren and brad said...

You are such a good mommy.

I love these pictures!!!!! But not as much as I love getting to watch this little girl grow!

Happy 5 month birthday Liv! xoxo

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