Sunday, February 07, 2010

Organized Chaos

So I had this bright idea a few weeks ago when I saw these "days of the week" magnets at Michaels that I would try to have a weekly calendar on our dry erase board in the kitchen. It would have our meal plan for the week and activities going on to help us remember things. It has been helpful but it's also made me realize how busy we are. For instance this week alone there is church, super bowl party, Camp OC meeting, basketball, playgroup, Bunco, Valentine's party, Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony party, a birthday party and that's just besides work and grocery shopping and cooking and feeding a baby and laundry and the things you do to live. Then I just start thinking about the next weeks: Dr. appointments, exterminator coming, Valentine's, ministry fair, Ryan's birthday, trip to Oregon etc. and now I am not sure I want that reminder of all the things going on. In a way it makes me feel too busy, but then I know if I didn't have stuff going on I'd probably be sitting with Ryan saying we need to find something to do. Or I could look at all the activities as "future things to blog about." Either way I do enjoy the quiet evenings too when we come home and I get to see this every night... video
sorry for another nudey one, but she loves her evening naked time!


Halcyon said...
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Katie and John said...

Wow you guys are busy, but that is fun. The Olympic party sounds like a good time, hope you all have fun.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the video to play of Ry reading to our sweet girl. But it sure is a cute picture. What good parents you guys are. Love ya, Mom

~Christy said...

katie you should check out its amazing!

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