Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sites to Share

I was going to post video of the birthday we went to last weekend but I'm mad at blogger because they keep saying my videos are unavailable so instead I will share some websites and blogs I like to visit...
  1. Awkward Family Photos--always good for a laugh
  2. Beth Jansen Photography--local photographer I could never afford, but I love her images
  3. Cake Wrecks--I never visited the bakery section until this website, now I ALWAYS walk by looking for hilarity that I could send them
  4. Cute Overload--will brighten your day
  5. Design Sponge--I love their creative ideas, especially before and after furniture pics
  6. Enjoying the Small Things--new mom, heart felt birth story, love her photos
  7. Graph Jam--hilarious and truthful life observations in pie chart form!
  8. Ohdeedoh--best site for all things kid/design related
  9. style rookie--this teen is already big into fashion but she mostly just makes me laugh
  10. That's happy--design fav is the monthly downloadable and adorable calendar
  11. Kids woot--the one day deal for kids!
Now in the comments leave me some sites you like to visit...besides this blog of course!


okcowgirl421 said...

First of all, read the birth story at Enjoying the Small Things - bawled. I already love that family. Precious little girls!

OK - sites I visit: - cute blog but also keep up with all her new jewelry - this is where Nathan got my Valentine's present! - I think my sister got me reading this one but I LOVE her ideas for quick house makeovers. She does things on the cheap but they always turn out cute.

H said...

I laughed so much at awkward family photos, I spent so much time looking on there I haven't gotten to others, but I do love Cake Wrecks too!!

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