Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Truck Tacos

Our wonderful small group from church went to Big Truck Tacos the other week and Jacob snapped this picture of me and Liv. I really liked the food, but could've done without the standing-room-only crowd. I hear that's how it is all the time though. We had a lot of fun shouting across the table and then continued on to Cuppies and Joe for dessert. I dunno what's up with her hair in this pic. It's a new do everyday! Here are our friends Craig and Nadine. And Derek and Courtney...she's always getting hounded by the paparazzi. I stole these photos from Jacob's facebook page and he did not post the one of he and Penny so you will just have to imagine what they look like having fun at a trendy taco place.


Anonymous said...

Standing room only?? At a taco place??? Those must be AMAZING tacos. Mom I

kmom said...

I think the place might be too noisy for me. Olivia's hair is what makes her so unique.

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