Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review

So I am very proud of myself for having read 3 books in the past few weeks! I'm sure you're all glad I updated my reading list to the right with the super cool Shelfari. I make no promises but I hope to keep this good habit up!

The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time is a fiction book written from the perspective of an autistic teenager's viewpoint who is trying to solve the case of his neighbor's murdered dog. Throughout his quest you learn a much more interesting story about his family through his unique perspective. I liked this book even though it was a bit sad. The author worked many years with autistic children so I'm sure he is well educated on the subject, but I still think it's pretty bold of him to claim to know how they think. Either way it's a good entertaining read!

Water for Elephants was my favorite out of these three. It's the tale of an elderly man looking back on his experience working in the circus as a vet during the depression. It's one of those stories with romance, drama, mystery, and adventure that is hard to put down. I kind of hope it's made into a movie (oooh I just googled it and it will be in 2011 starring Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon--exciting!) It really has intrigued me to do some research and maybe read more about circus life in the early 1900's. I definitely recommend this one and it has a great ending too!

The Almost Moon (by Alice Sebold who also wrote The Lovely Bones) is quite a depressing book but yet I kept reading it. It's about a woman who kills her elderly mother (That's not a spoiler because she does it in the first chapter) and the events that follow while she looks back on her family's past giving you a glimpse into how she could've done such a horrible thing. The author definitely has a morbid side to her writing but after glancing at the archives on the blog I also liked The Lovely Bones and it was morbid and depressing too. I guess I have a thing for tragic tales. I don't think I can recommend this one, but it would be a great one for discussion if you are in a book club and like to do that sort of thing!

I think the next books to finish up are Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Shem Creek, and The Wedding. But then again I also might check out some books about the circus since I'm so intrigued now! We shall see!


The Moores said...

I will definately have to pick up Water for Elephants. Thanks for the recommendation!

Roxanne said...

Water for Elephants and The Wedding are both packed in my carry-on for the Mexico bus ride! I'm excited!!

katilee said...

i'm glad you like water for elephants! i couldn't put it down either! can i borrow the curious case of the dog book??? that one looks like a good one!

H said...

Our book club read water for elephants this year, it would be interesting to see it in movie form!I started the curious incident of the dog in the night a few years ago but could not get through it. Have you read Alice Sebold's memoir "lucky"? it will explain some of her morbidity its pretty heavy natured but I think you would find it interesting, I am a fan of her work but haven't read almost moon.

lauren and brad said...

I get Water for Elephants next! :)

(maybe we should invite kati into our club?) :)

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