Thursday, March 04, 2010


I look forward to many more reunions with these kiddos, and I predict lots of future mayhem.We got to meet our sweet niece Alice for the first time! She is even cuter in person and the spitting image of her big brother George when he was a baby. Olivia and Alice are going to have so much fun together in a few months! My cousin Kelly and I are close in age and although we only saw each other like twice a year growing up we would just pick up where we left off at our last visit and play and talk the whole time like best friends. I hope these two girls have the same relationship!Sorry boys you are officially outnumbered!! Watching these two girls play just gave us a glimpse into all the hilarity and drama I think our lives will hold as Olivia grows! They are the sweetest and silliest girls and I love them!I mean just look at this dress up outfit...I can't make up anything as funny as that!Violet and Liv have a few matching outfits.

Anyway you get the point right? Olivia has the cutest cousins ever. And I don't think these proud grandparents would disagree!Many more pics to come but we're busy working with church garage sale things this weekend. Come by if you have a chance!


Anonymous said...

This proud grandparent certainly does agree. That picture of just the four girls is the saddest picture I think Hazel has ever taken. That was her sickest day and she looks it. I love you guys and miss you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks when we go on our road trip. Hope you're feeling even better today Katie. Love, Mom

LittleKelly said...

I miss you!!

Leslie said...

Aw, I've missed pics of these kids! They're growing up like crazy!

lauren and brad said...

What a wonderful family! Two lucky grandparents indeed!

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