Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Newsletter: 6 Months

Dear Olivia,
I can't say out loud how old you are because I think I'll start crying. You've been here a whole half of a year and I can hardly believe it! I think we've finally reached the point where it's hard for me to remember life without you and I prefer it that way. I hate being away from you and even on the trying days when I need a break, I find myself missing you as soon as I'm away! When I return and see that huge smile beaming at me I'm instantly recharged. You melt my heart with that sweet smile!This month you have become soo much more active! You roll around and can be quite a few feet away from where I left you if I leave the room for a minute! You're getting closer to master the fine art of sitting up on your own and I'm excited for that. You like to drum on your knees, flail your arms up and down, suck on your bottom lip, and of course blow bubbles. Many people are impressed when you show them how long you can hold a crunch. I think your abs must be pretty amazing! You love to reach for your toys and have really started intensely examining them when you hold them. You are still fascinated with hands too, no teeth yet, but you LOVE to chew on your hands!You are still a very social baby and will go to anyone who wants to hold you. You really make some interesting noises now that sound like your trying to talk and make words. I practice "mama" and "dada" with you a lot. You don't purposely wave yet but you do stare at your hand and wave at yourself often with a puzzled look on your face. I try to practice with you but of course you never actually do it when I try to get you to! We still call you Olivia and Liv mostly, but I've also recently started calling you Liverpool....I know I know, it's random but the more random a nickname the better right? You are still happiest when you're naked after a bath. I think that's the only time we've been able to get you to laugh and it hasn't been that often although you will grin REALLY big when daddy tickles you.
You usually sleep on your back but lately have been rolling over in the night on your stomach. I think this means I need to make sure the crib bar is up when you are in it! We read to you in the evenings and as much as I'd like to sing you to sleep, every time I've tried it's like you know I'm trying to put you down and start fighting it. I decided that I'd rather you not hate the song Jesus Loves Me and associate it with bad memories so I've stopped for the time being. Maybe we'll try again when you're older. For now I either nurse you to sleep or your daddy swings you vigorously until you give up.
You proved to be an excellent traveler once again this month by enduring your first flight to Oregon. Not only did you do well on the plane with little to no fussing, you also adjusted to the 2 hour time difference very well. You finally got to meet all those cousins and aunts and uncles and great grandparents on your daddy's side. You also got to see the ocean for the first time and put your toes in the sand! A mysterious thing happened in Oregon: your hair started laying down! Everyone that met you said "Why isn't her hair standing up like in all the pictures?" I had to explain to them that it wasn't normal and you were looking weird to me with your hair laying down! I think mainly because it was rainy and a little humid. When we returned to Oklahoma though it stayed pretty tame. You look completely different now but you're still adorable!This month you also got to experience being sick for the first time (cough and congestion) and boy did my heart break for you. You were happy throughout most of it, but when you were crying and hurting and there was nothing I could do to make it better, I just wanted to cry with you. I hope illnesses are few and far between and I hope you are building a rock star immune system.Nursing has become quite interesting since you are more active now. You are getting much faster at eating and can easily be distracted by people in the room or noises you hear. I use to long for the day when it didn't take you an hour to eat but now I treasure the moments when you lie still in my arms and don't rush through a meal. You haven't started any solid foods yet, but we might try bananas in the next few weeks.
This time last year I had just started telling people that I was pregnant with you. I didn't know if you were a boy or a girl. I hadn't even felt you kick yet. And now here you are, more beautiful than I ever imagined. Big brown eyes, wild hair, cutest button nose, dimply elbows, and chubby cheeks that I want to snack on ALL day. I love you my sweet girl and I look forward to the new joys you bring be each day!



Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl! Hard to believe she's 6 months old! Love you all! :)


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Olivia! That is a beautiful picture of you guys.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months precious Oliva. Grandma loves you. I sure hope you're feeling better. Love Gma I

kmom said...

I love you Olivia! Happy 6 months old. See you soon! Love, Grammy

Leslie said...

hi precious little liv & family!! great together pic! and i was totally noticing that olivia was looking older lately, but maybe it's just because her hair is so different!

Mandy said...

She is too adorable. It looks like she and Violet have the same hair situation!

katilee said...

happy 1/2 birthday liv! i can't believe your hair is laying down in those pics! you are beautiful as ever!

kmom said...

Looks like Olivia enjoyed the beach.

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