Thursday, April 29, 2010

Are you ready for this?

Whoa. My last craft post was too long ago and we've been doing some fun stuff at tutoring that I want to share. Sooo let's get our minds off the flash-in-the-pan-fame from the wedding note and focus on more important things like toilet paper rolls and what you can do with them!

As a previous avid collector of toilet paper rolls (I know I'm a weirdo but I was TRYING to make it into the Guiness book of world records) I should have started making these a long time ago but I just started yesterday and I love them! The kids did too.You can make other characters out of them too, not just Bible people, but I thought they'd be great to use in a younger kids Bible class to act out the story. A step up from plastic spoon people or tongue depressor people--which I also enjoy! (I personally think Ms. Lora Laycook would be proud!)

Another fun thing to do with cardboard tubes (classier name than toilet paper rolls) is to make a little diorama. I made a "spring time chickadee home" complete with chicks, a garden path, birds, apple tree, flowers, and bird homes out of scraps of fabric, stickers, paper, markers, pom poms and the cutest little chicks that are cheap (ha cheep get it?) at Michaels--especially right after Easter. The kids got pretty creative with this one, they made beds out of small cardboard boxes and elaborate waterfalls one even made a theme park for his chicks!

The last craft is my favorite and has nothing to do with tubes or toilets. It's just a collage of magazine cutouts done on 11 x 17 paper by color. I plan on laminating these in thick laminate at Kinkos to make Olivia some fun color placemats! I think I loved doing all of these just as much as the kids! They are all fun rainy day activities that you can do with things you have around your house...or that you have borrowed from the neighborhood weirdo who collected thousands of tp rolls in her attic.


Matt and Shannon said...

those are cute :) good job kraf-t k-t

Tarren and Erin said...

Katie, I might just copy your placemat idea. That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Katie, you were born to be a crafter. I have a feeling that "crafts" may be our theme for 2011 Christmas. True?? Love you guys. Mom I

Leslie said...

should've had you make our wedding centerpieces. dammit.

LittleKelly said...

This site has Thousands of things to do with toilet paper roll crafts. Bible, sessonal, ABC you name it they got it. (I think the collecting of toilet paper rolls must be in our genes, but after I found this site in College I always have a stash of about 30 at work.

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