Thursday, April 15, 2010


I mentioned a big life change coming up and that change is that I decided to quit my job. It's been announced at church so it's no longer a secret that April will be my last month. It was a very tough choice and I hate tough choices, but being a grown up is all about making them! I love my job and I will continue to do the parts of my job that I love as a volunteer. But at this point in my life having the roles of mom, wife, and children's minister weren't working for us as a family so I'm going to try my hand at being domestic....which isn't a job to be taken lightly!

I have played around with all the different goals I have in my head and thought I'd ask my blog readers who are or have been stay-at-home-moms, for opinions.

The facts were these:
Part of me wants to make a schedule and set the bar high for what I want to do each day. (i.e. Monday is clean the bathroom day, Tuesday is laundry, Wed is vacuum and dusting,etc) Plus do meal plans and grocery shopping and cooking every day...who knows maybe I'll go crazy and get into the whole coupon thing! The other part of me (who knows that I don't like to fail at things) says I should start out slow,set the bar low, and just be flexible. Maybe just try cooking every day for a few weeks. Then add the scheduled house work. Then add bill paying, saving the world from terrorists, and whatever else. Right now though I pretty much suck in all domestic areas (except at feeding and caring for Olivia) so I'm starting with a clean slate! So I'm asking you other moms how do you accomplish tasks? Do you keep to a schedule or checklist? Where do you keep this daily list? Do you punish yourself if you stray from it? Do you schedule time for yourself? How do you stay motivated....I'm already overwhelmed thinking of where to start! I'm intrigued. Let the comments commence!

Did I mention that I'll get to be spending more time with this little girl starting in May?!


The Moores said...

That is one lucky little girl to have a mommy that gets to stay home with her everyday. I have no advice to give because I have no organized scheduled plan to this mom/house wife thing. My priority and motivation is keeping my kids and my husband happy and clean.
Other than that, everything is subject to change.

The McDowells said...

Congratulations again!

I recommend the book by Flylady, she also has a website and blog, definately check her out. I recently read another book "In Praise of Stay at Home Moms" by Dr. Laura, it is a great book I would recommend.

We have a weekly routine, grocery shoping on Monday, Library on Tuesday, etc. I function better on routine.

As for meals, I do a weekly menu, asking Seth and the kids if they have any requests, on Sunday night and then make my grocery list for the Monday morning trip to the store.

I am working on trying to improve my housework schedule. I get behind and then it all just goes down the tubes (especially laundry). I am reading a book right now "Managers of Their Home" and it is geared towards christian homeschoolers, but it still has alot of great advice on setting up a schedule.

As for staying motivated, I just try to focus on how thankful I am to have a family and a good husband who enjoys having me stay at home.

Start small and slowly add in things, you can do it! I am really happy for you and I don't think you, Ryan or Oliva will regret this decision at all!

(Sorry that this is long and choppy.)

Anonymous said...

No advice from the MIL. Its a new world out there. I'm glad to share if you ever need to ask though. I LOVED being a stay at home wife and mother. I'm so happy that you get to make that choice. Kiss that sweet Olivia for me. See you soon. Love, Mom I

kmom said...

Good Luck! It might be helpful to find out what are your husband's priorities. Different husbands have different priorities. Some don't care about dust. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I would not recommend a strict schedule to start off with I too will be staying at home with my kiddos again starting may and I stink at the domestic stuff also, I am planning on doing a weekly meal plan cause I do not like going to the grocery store all the time...but other than that i constantly do laundry and pick up after three kids! hope all goes well for you guys....Megan

lauren and brad said...

I love what your mom and mil true!


Have fun!!! I would say have a general routine where you know what you want to do each day, but not neccessarily a time line for a day. I do find that a menu helps because then you know what to shop for and you aren't standing in your kitchen at 4:00 every day staring at your cabinets. Of course I am not a SAHM so I don't know if this would be helpful. =) SOOOO HAPPPPY FOR YOU!!! Love you,

Anonymous said...

For me I usually clean things when I see that they need cleaning instead of planning it, so if the toilet needs to be cleaned I clean it that same time I see it (if I'm not in the middle of something else). We usually buy about two weeks worth of food that we know we like and from there plan our meals from what we bought. If you're able to make a list and stick to it, more power to you! I just addressed things as I saw them which works for me. It's a trial and error time for you guys now, so let mistakes happen and learn from them. Time for me is after the kids are in bed, that's always nice. :D Jessica Van Winkle

P.S. I stay motivated with a very supportive hubby, and I'm sure Ryan is a great support! :D

Shawn and Becky said...

I consider myself a half stay at home mom . . . but I try and juggle it all, sometimes well other times not so well. Wednesday is usually my laundry day since it's my day off. In order for me to get it all done, and stay motivated to do it, I start a load first thing when I get up, even before the coffee, then it keeps me going all day long, one load in and one out, repeat. Enjoy more time with that sweet girl!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

You know I will miss my CM friend, but I know you will be a blessing to your family as a SAHM.

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