Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Fun!

I have a lot of adorable photos from this weekend and as always it's hard to pare them down but here are some of my favorites from Easter Sunday! It started with church of course. Olivia had a great time singing songs in Bible class with her friends. Then we had a HUGE easter egg hunt that Olivia got to enjoy from afar in the arms of her grandparents. She was pretty pooped but humored us enough to take some photos when we got home.While she took a LONG nap, we ate a yummy lunch and played Ticket to Ride. Then she got to see what the Easter bunny broughtEven though she's only 6 months old I'm already enjoying holidays more through the eyes of a child!She played the rest of the afternoon with her blocks, eggs, and pinwheel until it was time for church...where she promptly fell asleep in her Poppa's a tired little bunny should!


lauren and brad said...

CUTE! Love her basket. Love her dress. Love her grandparents. Love her.

Miranda said...

Happy Easter Olivia!! I love the egg idea!! Can I steal that idea? How cute is that!!

Monique and Granny said...

The egg basket is so cute!!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

carly said...

She is so cute! It is obvious you are doing a great job with her.
P.S. I might steal that egg idea next year, too.

Leslie said...

fuzzy hair + easter dress = glam!

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