Saturday, April 24, 2010

Facebook: My love/hate relationship

Dear Facebook,

I hate you.

You are a time consuming social networking device that has blown up to be a monster...literally. It was cool at first to find people I wanted to get in touch with but now there are people "friending" me that aren't friends at all and you've created a whole new genre of being rude to someone by not wanting "faux friends." Random people that I really didn't want to talk to again can easily find me, message me, again and again, and annoy me with their status updates. Oh sure I could delete them (and I have) but somehow they know and add me back....and then what do I do? Ignore the request forever...possibly. Decline a faux seems un-Christian, although Jesus never facebooked. Accept and then delete again? Then there is the whole application updates I really don't care about: farmville, yoville, mafia wars, superpoking, etc. It angers me to see how often people update these things...then I get angry at myself for judging how they spend their time! And let's not even get into the vague passive aggressive status updates that are just a cry for attention. I realize I can adjust my settings to ignore certain people or application updates but if I'm constantly doing this, shouldn't I just delete them as a "friend"? But then we go back up to the aforementioned problem.

And yet.

I love you.

I love reconnecting with people I do really care about. I don't have to have people's emails addresses or phone numbers to know I can get a hold of them. I like being able to see distant friends homes, babies, dogs, etc through their pictures and I like the easiness with which I can share mine with them. I like hilarious or thought provoking status updates. I like receiving comments and messages from friends. And although I don't like being stalked, I will admit that I snuck a peek at my new next door neighbors' facebook pages when they moved in to see if they were normal. But you made it TOO EASY to do!

I love you, I hate you, I can't live without you, or can I?

Loathing and Loving in Oklahoma


Anonymous said...

I guess there are advantages to being practically computer illiterate. Facebook is one facet of life that I don't have to worry about. Mom I

The Moores said...

Amen, sista!

Kayla said...

I need to learn how to adjust the settings...I haven't learned that yet but it would make my life better!

Katie said...

Okay I've been lurking here for a while and HAD to comment on this. I found your blog on a roundabout through Debi in Jersey to Lauren and Brad to you. I've really enjoyed reading about Olivia and your job!

I hear ya on facebok and had a little breakup with it last year. When I came back I cut my friends list in half until I could better learn to control myself. I also defriend/block people who continuously post hateful and mean messages. I spent a lot of time thinking of what God would want me to do and that's what I personally came to.

It's a double edged sword for sure.

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