Monday, April 19, 2010

Marriage Retreat

One definition of "retreat" means to withdraw from something that is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable. We are NOT retreating from our marriage in this way at all! Another definition, however, means a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation and study. That is the kind of retreat we had this weekend...yet somehow I took no pictures of us as a married couple!
We went to Gore, Oklahoma to the marvelous MarVal Resort (aka campground) with about 12 other young married couples from church and spent the weekend reflecting on our relationships with the help of some older mentors and the Love and Respect series. We watched snippets of the DVD's and spent most of the time sharing stories and then having one on one time to discuss things with our spouse. It may sound cheesy to some, but it was very uplifting to us! Olivia's favorite parts included playing with her buddies Keely and Annee and taking baths in the kitchen sink! Thanks to the babysitting there, we were able to recharge our batteries, really take a look at how are marriage has changed since having a baby, and find ways that we can improve our relationship.
I was nervous that bringing our kiddo along for the retreat wouldn't allow us to enjoy it as much but aside from not getting as much sleep as I would've liked, I was very wrong. I hardly even saw her all weekend, in fact when she wasn't with the babysitters usually someone else from our group was holding her and entertaining her! We are so thankful to our church family who loves our girl and us like we were their own! It was rainy all weekend which made her extra snuggly for some reason.
The funniest parts of the weekend included Derek and my husband spending about 30 minutes successfully breaking into the area that we THOUGHT we had reserved, only to find out we were in the wrong location! Oops! They are such McGyver's! They were taking doors off their hinges and everything.Also this awesome act of vandalism that was right above Courtney's head in the loft where she slept....or tried to after seeing this. Classy.
(some pictures were taken without permission from other people's facebook pages, Thanks Jacob!)


The Moores said...

Ok, that date, 01-02-01 was my honeymoon night! But I don't remember spending it in Gore, Oklahoma :). Was that tmi?

Erin said...

The pic of Olivia with the water running down her face - totally looks like Ryan!!! And instead of McGyvers, maybe they should be called McGroobers (hopefully you watch SNL to get that!)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great time and had a safe trip home. I don't think its cheesy at all. We used to do marriage retreats and they all helped our relationship in one way or another. After 34 years, there are still things we can learn about each other and how to improve our marriage. Each phase of marriage is a new adventure including this thing called "empty nest". I love the pics of our sweet Olivia. I can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks. Love, Mom I

Monique and Granny said...

Enjoyed watching those Love and Respect DVDs. Mom bought them and let us borrow them.
The virginity thing made me laugh so much!!!!

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