Saturday, April 10, 2010

Newsletter: 7 Months

Dear Olivia,
Hey big sitter! This past month you have mastered the fine art of sitting and it has changed our lives for the better. You can sit and actually play with toys and reach for them and they don't have to be dangling above your head to enjoy them! You occasionally fall over but it's ok because you just roll wherever you want to go. Sometimes however you fall over and bonk your head pretty hard but you just look to your daddy or I for a reaction and we start cheering loudly for you and then you decide to smile instead of cry....usually.
The other fun thing you have recently learned is how to wave. Sometimes it's your whole arm, sometimes it's your hand, and sometimes you even get the fingers going up and down. I love it and count it no matter how exact it is! You even woke up from a nap on grandma the other day and saw me across the room and waved to me with a sweet sleepy smile.
You have accumulated several toys but I think your favorite is the stacking cups. And what's not to like about them? They are colorful, easy to hold, come in a variety of sizes, can be put inside OR on top of each other. A better invention there never was! It's been fun to finally open up some of the toys you got at baby showers and actually see you play with them now!This month you've also been introduced to the wonderful world of solid food. You've had banana, avocado, and applesauce. I think you like them all but you still nurse just as much and we haven't made it a daily routine...just a snack whenever I think about it I guess. You're not hurting any for nourishment though. You are in the 90% for height and 75% for weight and keep growing out of clothes!!
There were a few weeks in a row that you decided to quit sleeping through the night but the last few you have gone back to your old ways and I like that much better! We still swaddle you but by morning you have usually managed to wiggle your arms out, roll over, or somehow move from one end of your crib to the other. It's still my favorite part of the day to get you out of your crib in the morning. You're so stinking happy that it's like a shot of endorphins straight to my heart!
You make lots of babbling noises but no real words yet. Some days you randomly find that loud voice that cracks me up when you use it. Then you forget how to do it for weeks and randomly find it again and use it all day. It's quite funny. We love to tickle you and watch you hold back your laughter so much it looks like you might bust. You just won't laugh very easily for us but that's ok because when you do it's a real treat!
Getting ready in the morning and getting chores done is getting a bit harder because you have started caring more when I leave the room. As soon as I'm out of your sight you start wailing and if I just poke my head back around the corner you stop. For the most part you'll still let anyone hold you but you usually keep looking around to make sure I'm nearby and give you the "it's ok" look.
I often look back and see what we were doing a year ago and at this time last year we were finding out if you were a boy or a girl. Can you believe we didn't even know your gender a year ago! It didn't matter to me then if you were a boy or a girl, but now that you're here I can't imagine it any other way. I love that you're a girl and best of all that you're my girl and I get to enjoy you every day!


The Moores said...

My heart skipped a beat when I read the first line. For a second I thought it said "Hey big sister". Ha ha! I've got to find some of those amazing stackable cups, fabulous!

Anonymous said...

ha I almost thought it said sister, too. She is getting so big, and I love the pics of her in the bathtub. Too cute! :)


Ryan and Katie said...

actually when I proof read it I thought that it looked a little too close to sister but I figured from the next sentence people would calm down. NO WAY JOSE'!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Happy 7 Months, Olivia. You know, I could start the rumor that you are expecting again. I thought it said "Hey, big siSter" too.

Leslie said...

look at the pic with her little harry potter glasses!! i love it. she's like a real little kid!!

lauren and brad said...

aw. liv. i love you big girl!

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