Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well that didn't take long!

I'm famous! So are you mom! click here to see!


Anonymous said...

What a laugh!!! (But I should have told you not to send it in.) --- from your crazy relative who was just trying to be helpful as usual, but instead was misunderstood and lacking in tack. As I recall you were stressing out over gaining weight and other things. I'm not sure if I'm more embarrassed over the spelling error or being misunderstood. Here's to entertainment!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow did you read the comments on that? some are hilarious like number 18, and some are rather sad from their poor relationships with their mothers. Jessica Van Winkle

Anonymous said...

This had me in tears! omgoodness Little Debbie cracks me up =)
Love you Katie!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

That is too funny. Although, I am a little disturbed by some of the comments on the P/A site.

Erica said...

Don't worry...I love you Aunt Debra even if they don't on the P/A site.

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