Wednesday, April 21, 2010

They're still hilarious

I haven't shared funny things kids have said at church lately but here are some from tonight....

Today I led a tour on the outside of the church building as it has just been spruced up with a new roof and new paint. I was pointing out all the places that they painted and how some of them were WAY up high. After we made it to the opposite end of the building this is the conversation that took place

Kid: (sounding winded) I think they painted this place bigger Ms Katie!
Me: They just painted what was here, they didn't add on to the building
Kid: Well it's bigger than it was before so they must've painted it bigger. Like the windows. The windows are bigger than they used to be. And the whole place is just BIGGER!
Me: I don't see how that is possible but I'll take your word for it!

During 3rd grade Bible class I was leading up to a discussion about eternity and talking about the longest lifespan of animals and humans etc.

Me: Do you know what animal has the longest lifespan?
Kids: Monkey? Blue Whale? Squidzilla?
Me: Actually it's the giant tortoise that can live to be about 200 years old! Does anyone know who the oldest man in the Bible was?
Kids: Noah? Jesus? God?
Kid: Hey can you ask the question about animals again I want to guess another animal?
Me: You can't guess again I already told you the answer, it's the giant tortoise.
Kid: I guess a shark.
Me: I'm pretty sure it's the tortoise but thanks for guessing again!


Anonymous said...

Now thats funny. I wish you could just paint stuff bigger. I wouldn't have to get a city permit to add on to my house. What a great idea. Love, Mom I

Chellie said...

It seems to me like they painted it bigger. I thought they would never finish! Their music was always really loud right during the time Brixton needed to nap.

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