Friday, April 30, 2010

To the Dogs or Whoever

Charlie has been in heaven this week because Lucy has been staying with us. Her parents are gallivanting around Canada while Dr. Matt tries to find a job that will make sooo much money that Shanny and Lucy can come visit us in Oklahoma no matter how far away they move! (right Dr. Matt?)I have been in heaven this week because Charlie has had her best bud to keep her happy all day. They entertain themselves outside, wear each other out, then sleep all night long!
Olivia has been in heaven this week because the only thing more fun than playing with one dog on the floor is playing with two dogs!

(We have exactly 20 days until the Josh Ritter concert so for the next 20 days all my posts will be the title or lyric of a Josh Ritter song. Today is from the song "To the Dogs or Whoever")


Shawn and Becky said...

Olivia looks so cute with the dogs. On the Josh Ritter note, I forgot to comment on the NY trip post. Have you been to the Top of the Rock. It’s sort of touristy, but it has the most amazing views of the city, better than the Empire state building. We also really liked the central park zoo. There’s a small children’s part that Olivia might love.

Shannon said...

well i hope she has been good for you guys! looks like she will be sad when we take her home tomorrow. thanks so much for watching her again and for having a super awesome back yard that are dog loves to play in. its way more fun and interesting than ours!! see you tomorrow night. i will call you from denver to let you know what time we are due in.

Shannon said...

oh yeah and thanks for putting some pics of lucy up, i have been missing her with all the dogs that are around here. it is a super-dog friendly city

Anonymous said...

Did you break the news to Charlie that Lucy might be moving? Poor puppies. Olivia looks as adorable as ever. See you in a couple of days. Love Mom I

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