Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Totally Hot, totally cool, totally hair Barbie

I had the 'totally hair Barbie' as a kid and she was NEVER as much fun as 'totally hair Olivia'. NEVER!! Candace gave her first real ponytail and braid last week at play group.

She also struck a pose with this head band.

Then of course the popular dog ears or pigtails that might be my personal fav!


kmom said...

I would have liked to have played with her hair more, but I don't think she would have liked that. It would have involved wetting it down. It drys so fast. Also, we forgot to do the pigtails while I was there. More to put on the agenda for next time. Love, Grammy

Leslie said...

pigtails! yes!

tricia said...

i also love the pigtails!

how about a side-pony?

Ted and Anne said...

Super Cute hair styles Olivia!!

lauren and brad said...

Pigtails are my fave too! Such a hoot!

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