Sunday, May 02, 2010

And if evil exists, it's a pair of train tracks, and the devil is a railroad car

Today marks the one year anniversary of this horrible event. I still have a hard time exiting on that ramp without clenching my fists on the steering wheel and slowing down to 10mph. I have a HUGE file on our dining room table that stays there, because even though it's been 365 days since the collision, the insurance companies still call like it was yesterday. But we're halfway there. They have to conclude the matter after 2 years. I keep good track of what papers I send them so when they resend me the SAME THING to fill out AGAIN, I just politely call them (it's never the same person) and tell them who I spoke to last and what date I mailed them the info, then they ask me ALL about the wreck like it just happened and I try to be polite and explain that I am not going to get a lawyer, they will not be able to find the lady who hit me, and if I owe anything PLEASE JUST SEND ME A BILL ALREADY!!!

On a positive note though, I remember getting to see Olivia on the ultrasound for a LONG time that day (and I got to be 100% sure she was indeed a girl) and I'm sooo thankful she was safe and I can enjoy her in person today!! I think this outfit was mine as a baby. Either that or its a thrift store gift!(The lyrics in the title are from the song "Harrisburg" by Josh Ritter)


Matt and Shannon said...

i like that outfit!!

kmom said...

It was your outfit. I want to hold my grandbaby and play with her piggies. Love, you!

tricia said...

her outfit is adorable!

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