Sunday, May 16, 2010

The bucket was broken, But the water was pure

Here's a random Sunday post of one of my favorite hymns sung by Sufjan Stevens (please ignore cheesy weird animal video and just listen to it) It's so beautiful and I love the lyrics (original and revised). Even the cryptic ones that you have to google because no one today says "fetter" and "Ebenezer" but it makes you smarter for looking them up!

And here's my little one (with the purple face from last week) in her Bible class. I don't think they sing Come Thou Fount in there but they do sing fun songs about animals that God made!
(lyrics in title from the song "Here at the right time" by Josh Ritter)

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Anonymous said...

I love that song too, but I prefer the first verse that we have in our book (and every book I've seen since I was a young'un.) Its the one that says "Teach me ever to adore thee, etc...) I don't get the animal pics either. Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Mom I

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