Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cause I got you in my mind's eye, I got you in my mind's eye

I survived my first 2 weeks as a stay at home mom and it's been very productive so far! We've stayed busy doing laundry, cooking, finishing up with the thrush drama, purging the rest of the house of clutter (thanks for the help Courtney!), working a garage sale, taking a meal to a friend, going to a book review, tutoring, grocery shopping, babysitting, stroller fitness, ladies Bible class, play group, visiting new babies, graduation parties, and a great visit from the in-laws. I've only burned one meal but Ryan was able to salvage it for me and make it edible. I even went a little crazy and made a pioneer woman recipe! I know some of you are wondering and yes I did make myself an organized and color coordinated chart to follow and it has been very helpful! (I followed Benay's wise advice and made sure to put something on there that I could be sure to accomplish every day, so by the time I arrive at my chart I can cross "wake up" off the list!) Some days I swapped items and something didn't get done but overall it was helpful, so I hope to keep it up. Plus just looking at it makes me feel organized and happy :)

(Lyrics in title from the song "Mind's Eye" by Josh Ritter)
If you are a fan of 30 Rock whenever I hear this song I like to sing Mind Grapes instead of Mind's Eye.


The Moores said...

Wow, that's really organized! I'm a little intimidated by you right now. :). How'd you like the chicken spaghetti? It didn't go over really well at our house.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Katie. I hope you put some "me" time on that list. Love ya, Mom I aka Gma

Ryan and Katie said...

We liked the chicken spaghetti but I should've made half and frozen the other half because between the 2 of us we had to eat it a LOT to finish it! I did make sure to put "me" time on there in the form of play dates, lunch dates, personal time, stroller fitness, ladies Bible class.

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