Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Halcyon, laudanum and Opium

I think you are all well aware of Granny Shanny's craftastic talents at this point so I'll just share the pictures of the awesome shindig she threw for her beloved husband's graduation party Saturday night. Yes that's a cake and yes it was edible and DELICIOUS!He's a doctor now...but not the kind you can call when you're sick. It has something to do with chemistry and nano-capicitors (thus all the test tube decor and periodic table of elements details). Together they are so crafty and smart I'm not sure why they let us hang out with them! I think they just like our dog.Liv was up past her bedtime as you can see by her droopy eyes but she was having too much fun with Shannon's beads and her other baby friends to notice how tired she was. Congrats to Matt for his accomplishments, congrats to Shanny for another party well planned, and congrats to me if I can figure out how I can convince them not to move away. It's not looking too good at this point. :(

(Lyrics in title from "Thin Blue Flame" by Josh Ritter)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Matt! Mom I

Matt and Shannon said...

well i am so glad you came and had lots of fun, sorry for the relocating thing but at least it is not suuuuuuper far away. lets not think about it until it is here though :( and we still have monday nights until then!! have fun in NYC!

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