Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Horses hiding in the willows til the storm passed by

Liv hadn't really lived until tornado season began and I think we've started off with a bang! Thankfully we didn't have any damage (we didn't really even have hard rain, hail, or strong winds on our street) but like most Oklahoma storms it's random who gets affected, and it varies from street to street. I do know a few people who witnessed the funnel cloud on their way home from work. That would've freaked me out probably. But thanks to Gary England and Rick Mitchell, Liv and I stayed safe in our hallway of pillows and toys while she learned new vocabulary like wall cloud, funnel cloud, hook echo, hail, doppler, etc. You can tell by the look on her face how scared she was. I think she actually enjoyed playing with me and Charlie in the hallway. Don't worry my sweet girl, there will be MANY more days like today...as long as we live in Oklahoma! Thanks for all the phone calls checking on us! It's nice to know we're loved!

(Lyrics in title from the song "The Remnant" by Josh Ritter)


The Moores said...

You girls are so brave! I have to say that is one thing I don't miss about living in the south. How does Charlie do with storms? Ripken was a train wreck when it came to loud weather. He usually tried to hide in the bathtub or someplace else tight and dark. Once he even tried to climb in the fridge!

Anonymous said...

I just hope there is plenty of warning on the news so I can start praying for you guys whenever these things start coming out of the sky in your vicinity. Olivia looks like she weathered the drama very well. I'm thankful it all passed you by - THIS TIME!! Love ya much. Mom I aka Gma

devon lorraine ... said...

glad everyone is safe - phew. it was ALL over the news here.

so ... you go to the hallway during tornado watches?

Monique and Granny said...

glad everything is ok and you are safe!

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