Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Part 2: Brutal Force

We slept in on Friday (our anniversary) and then headed to a cute store near Erin's apartment, then to Momofuku ssam bar for lunch and the milk bar for dessert (thanks for the recommendation Leslie!). It was weird and vague but yummy! We got our tickets for the show that evening, then we ventured to the American Museum of Natural History. It's huge. HUGE! There was so much information to take in we just kind of skimmed through everything because it's quite overwhelming. First stop was the dinosaurs of course. Ryan thought he could make a believer out of me but I think you can tell by the look on his face he was unsuccessful!Erin was able to meet us there and hang out with us for a little bit.Liv was pretty excited about this! (and so was I)My favorite part was the ocean life, but it was too dark in there to get good photos. Liv liked the gorillas. Ry liked the dinosaurs but I probably ruined it for him.They even had Okapis!! soooo much to see there that Olivia fell asleep.Anyway after the museum we went to Cafe Lalo which is a super cute and yummy place! Just look at those desserts! The cafe is in the movie "You've Got Mail." We stopped by Lincoln center on the way to dinner from a vending cart at Union Square. Olivia was the only baby in New York City....which is why so many people talked to her, including homeless people. Children in NYC are elusive like the Okapis. We literally saw no babies on the buses, on the subways, in restaurants, in museums, in stores, only in central park. There were all the children in New York City in their MacLaren or Bugaboo strollers with their nannies. No wonder people loved to talk to her! We met Erin in Union Square so she could watch Olivia for us while we got to experience "Fuerza Bruta." It was a crazy off Broadway show that included things like treadmills, swimming pools above your head, aerial running, getting drenched, and loud techno music. Kind of like a rave. You stand the whole time and move around as the different stages come in and out from different directions. (see video snippets below)Right when the show started I get a text from Erin letting me know that we have her keys and she is locked out of her apartment...with my 30 minutes away. FAIL. Oh well they had fun gallivanting around a pharmacy and luckily the show was only like an hour long. Which is also good because I might've had a seizure if I'd been exposed to anymore strobe lights. But we really did enjoy it and I think it might top all the things we have done for our anniversary by a landslide! Including Pompeii! We made it back to a happy baby and babysitter despite their being locked out. We chatted late into the evening, slept in the next day, packed up, got a guitar lesson, gave biiiig hugs, told Erin we would miss her madly, hailed a cab to the airport, fell asleep in the cab to the airport, and said farewell to New York! The flight home was fine except for the fact that we were both sooo sore. Olivia was a little fussy on the flight home but it might have something to do with the tooth I found in her mouth the other day!! Anyway we hope to return again someday. Until then we will have these videos to remind us of our adventure. Behold the randomness of Fuerza Bruta!
The first scene is how the show opens up, then the swimming pool that lowered so close to your heads you could reach up and touch the people swimming above you, then the soaking wet rave dancing. We were fuddy duds and stood on the outside so we didn't get as drenched. As random as it was, we did enjoy it!


lauren and brad said...

i love the timeline! no wonder you are sore, you did so much!!!

kmom said...

Thanks for telling us and showing us about your trip. I'm glad Olivia had her nesting cups with her. Is seems you have not read that book I gave you about dinosaurs. Love you!

Monique and Granny said...

Glad you had a great time! Olivia is such a good traveler.

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog. Thanks for keeping us up on your goings on. And I love seeing our sweet Olivia. Love, Mom I aka Gma

Leslie said...

WHAT THE HELL!!!! Ok, the previous four posters OBVIOUSLY did NOT take the time to watch that video like I did! What is going on with that?? Is the person in the pool above you NAKED? Squirming around all naked like in that pool? Naked McNuderson needs to learn to bathe in the privacy of their own home...or a public fountain or something. And what are those stupid kids dancing around for? Of COURSE you felt like you were at a rave! YOU *WERE* AT A RAVE! Only at raves are people HAPPY about contaminated, naked testicle, pool water SPLISH-SPLASHING all over their heads.



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