Wednesday, May 05, 2010

You're a real mean mama but you got a lot of time for me, And I know it ain't common to find your kinda love for free

I realized two things after that last post
1. I haven't posted videos in awhile so I'll make up for that in the next few posts
2. Olivia is a mama's girl too. See I made her laugh....

Usually this is what happens though when we tickle her. She holds it in, and then just yells. Courtney is tickling her in this video while my parents were here. We were all cracking up.

(Lyrics in title from "Real Long Distance" by Josh Ritter)


The Moores said...

It makes you wonder what we did for entertainment before we had kids to sit around and watch. She is so precious!

kmom said...

Thanks for the memories!

lauren and brad said...

I love the girly screams.

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