Thursday, June 03, 2010

Half hearted Book Review

That reading kick I was on in March didn't last long and apparently I can't finish a book these days, but here are a few I've sort of read!

The NDD book by Dr. Sears. It stands for nutrition deficit disorder and talks about what we feed our kids these days and how it affects them. I love Dr. Sears and this book will be a good reference book, but I didn't finish it. It's on my shelf though so I can always browse through it when deciding to give my kid fruits-n-veggies or high fructose corn syrup. Tough choice!

Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank might be the first book that I just plain couldn't finish because it didn't give me anything to want to turn the next page for. Usually I have to finish a book no matter how un-fun it is, but I broke my rule with this one. It's about a middle aged divorcee with teenagers who moves to a quaint town to start over. I'm pretty sure I could see how the book would end by the 3rd chapter but who knows because I never finished it. You might like it though...I just couldn't relate.

Surprise! I actually did finish this one and I liked it. It was one of those that had a little bit of everything in it history, love, mystery, adventure and I really did enjoy it, but it took me awhile to finish. It's about a Chinese-American man who takes a look back at his life and first love during WWII after some Japanese belongings are found in a hotel that belonged to those sent to imprisonment camps. (That was a long sentence that probably didn't make much sense) It might be a slow read but much like "Water for Elephants" it taught me about a certain aspect of history that I didn't know about (even though the circus is a little more light-hearted than internment camps and racism).

Committed is the memoir I am reading now that is written by Elizabeth Gilbert (who also wrote Eat, Pray, Love that I reviewed awhile ago). I'm liking it so far...for the most part. It's about her skeptical research into the history of "marriage" and how she interprets it going forward with her own relationship. I must say I don't always agree with how she interprets things, such as the Biblical meanings of marriage in the OT verse NT, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless. Who knows if I'll finish it so I can't say how it ends but maybe I'll let you know in the next book review. Don't count on it though. The way it's going I'm lucky if I finish reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See to Olivia. She's into book about as much as I am these days!



Now you see why I had to make reading a whole book my new years resolution a couple of years ago. =)I am in the process of reading Eat Pray, Love.

Leslie said...

is elizabeth gilbert the girl from little house on the prarie? because i thought she wrote kind of a scandalous book...nope. nope, that's melissa gilbert. totally different person.

aaaaand that's all i have to offer to your book review.

Anonymous said...

I too hate to leave a book only partially read. But I've learned to do it without feeling guilty. There are just too many good reads out there to waste time on stuff that doesn't hold my interest or is just plain junk. By the way, I can't get enough of yesterdays post. It just cracks me up watching that video. I love that girl. Love her parents too. Mom aka Gma

H said...

Our book club just read hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet. I also love fictional stories set in a real historical context. One of our favorite books we read recently you might like if you haven't read it is 'snow flower and the secret fan'. Also did you know they are making a movie out of water for elephants with Robert Pattinson starting in it. Can't wait to see it.

Miranda said...

That's interesting that you came across the NDD book. Last time I went to the doc with Phil, she actually looked at me when I said we are doing something to our kids...the food we give them is causing this, she handed me a chapter out of a book like's interesting and I have found that the diet change helped...motherly instinct...don't ignore it! :0)

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