Thursday, June 10, 2010

Newsletter: 9 Months

Dear Olivia,
My sweet girl you are growing up! You took off this month in many areas and my little baby isn't much of a baby anymore! You are crawling...more like inch-worming...but getting around easily nonetheless. You can even stand up if you are leaning against something. You pick the worst times to try to pull up though, usually in the bathtub and swimming pool...yikes! You also have learned how to sit up from a lying down position which has been shocking to come get you out of your crib in the morning and find you sitting up playing with toys!You pick up the tiniest flecks of dirt and paper off the floor wherever we go. Luckily you just like to inspect it awhile before putting it in your mouth so that buys me some time to get it out of your hands. You even got into the dog food this month but I don't think you ended up eating any!
You're trying to only have one nap a day and I'm just not ready for that. I think I'm more prepared for crawling, teething, and tantrums than I am to have a once-a-day-napper! I guess as long as you are being a happy baby it's not too bad because you'll "help" me cook and do laundry so it's not too bad. When you are upset though you are pretty dramatic. Already when you're mad you'll glance at me, scream, arch your back and start kicking your legs. Where do you learn that?!You still sleep through the night for the most part but every now and then we have a late night feeding. Thanks to your new mobility I never know what position you will be in when I check on you in your crib. You sleep on your tummy, side, back, legs out the crib bars, head against the side rail, bottom in the air, face planted in the mattress, and all sorts of wacky ways.That hair of yours hasn't stopped growing yet and it's constantly in your eyes. When we are outside you get cute sweaty ringlets. I try to clip it back or put it in pigtails but you roll around and play so much they come out after awhile. I'm not ready for a first haircut but I can see it in the near future. You are very patient while I do your hair and I'm thankful that so far you do not show signs of being tender-headed.You've got your first 2 bottom teeth with more on the way, and you've handled it pretty well. There were a few nights that I think it affected your sleep (and ours as well) but once they finished popping through you were back to your happy self. You love to stick your tongue out and rub it against your teeth!Although you've kind of reached for me a few times you will still be happy with just about anyone which makes church people happy. You go to Bible class and Mother's Day Out just fine, and you sat with a complete stranger (stranger to you, not to me) during all of church one Sunday night and didn't make a peep! You love to wave to people...especially if they aren't paying attention to you!I've been trying to introduce you to more foods this month and we will keep it up, but you are pretty fickle about it. Some days you don't want any and some days you seem ravenous! So far I think your favorite is still applesauce...I don't think you would ever quit eating applesauce.You love playing peekaboo, grabbing for Charlie and trying to "catch" her, (she does not love this yet but once you can throw a bone or ball to her she'll love ya!) grabbing mommy's nose, the pool, bath tub time, being outside, car rides, stroller rides, mother's day out, trying new foods, and bouncing in your high chair that is NOT made to be bounced in! You hate naps, wet diapers, bed time, getting stuck under furniture while crawling, and when your bowl of applesauce is empty.I've really found a groove this month staying home with you, managing to cook and do housework, and I'm so thankful that I am able to do it! We have lots of play dates with friends and we get more time with daddy now that he gets Fridays half off. I'm really excited about that!This month marks you being OUT of my belly as long as you were IN my belly and now I'm overwhelmed and need to run and get a tissue while I look back at the past newsletters and weep as I wonder where the time went!

I love you sweet girl,


kmom said...

Olivia, I love you too. See you soon! Love, Grammy

ktsdad said...

You know you're a "smitten grandfather" when you know it's your babe's 9 month birthday and have anxiously waited all day to read her letter from Mama!

Shawn and Becky said...

She's so beautiful! Reading her newsletters really takes me back to where Cameron was just a year ago - and actually triggers memories - sweet sweet memories. They are such a blessing!!!

Anonymous said...

That sweet girl is soooo photogenic, not to mention precious, beautiful, adorable... This grandma could go on and on. 9 months old! Wow! Where DOES the time go. I love you sweet Olivia. Gma


Ahhhh! Just want to squeeze her! Especially since it sounds like she won't cry because she doesn't know who I am. =( I love the picture of her hair in a pony tail! SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

devon lorraine ... said...

so sweet katie! while olivia is constantly learning about her world, you're constantly learning about little miss olivia. she's such a cutie, and a character!

tricia said...

she has grown so much!! cutie pie! love her facial expressions.

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