Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Put Me in the Zoo

I've been using my Mother's Day gift zoo pass lately and have gone with various friends and had a wonderful time!
It seems all the pictures I have though are of the kids and not the animals but oh well!
My favorite is still the Okapi and I'm trying to teach Olivia about them. They're very elusive creatures you know. She never even seems to notice the animals though...even when they are right in front of her face. And when we go in the mornings, she usually just falls asleep in the stroller.
At least she's not the only one who finds the zoo to be a sleep aid.
Oh well it's still good exercise for us...and by us I mean me. Her favorite part is definitely the splash pad in the new children's area.
Check out this video. She LOVED to stick her face over the water. (the video is a bit long but I'm too lazy to edit it, so you can skip to the end if you just want to watch her spray herself in the


The McDowells said...

I really miss the OKC Zoo! We had passes too and went every two weeks or so. The Dallas Zoo and FW Zoo are too far away for us to go but once a year.

I was looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday! Too bad you got lost! Seth didn't get your text until late in the afternoon. Let us know the next time you are here and we will make sure you find us!

reborn1995 said...

Heya--last time i took Devon to the zoo it was super packed; we had to park at Remington. Are there better times/days when it's not quite as overrun? And is it true that it's only $1 if you go on Wednesdays?

kmom said...

Looks like fun!

lauren and brad said...

i love it! thanks for meeting us there!

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