Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The remedy is the experience

Not only do I cook and clean now, but I am so domestic I make my own home remedies! Actually thanks to the internet I found a way to get rid of the pesky gnats in our kitchen. You just pour some apple cider vinegar in a glass, put a few drops of dish soap, then make a funnel out of a piece of paper and place in the glass. Make sure there is a good seal between the paper and side of glass so they can't fly out. In a matter of minutes there were already like 5 dead ones. Now at the end of today there are like 20 or more in there. I purposefully put it next to the bananas because that's where they like to hang out. I tried to put bananas in the cupboard but then the gnats were all in there. I wish this worked for cockroaches too! (I did contact our exterminator about them and he is coming up with a solution)

Lyrics in title from The Remedy by Jason Mraz


Leslie said...

yup! we do the same thing with leftover wine and no paper cone. works amazingly well, but is SO disgusting to pour out. the liquid just has to have "sugar" or be appealing to the bugs and the soap breaks the surface tension. that way they go to suck up the "food" and fall into the liquid.

our remedy, also an experience:

1/2" - 1" of leftover wine
one tiny drop of dishsoap

leave out for a bit
pour out dead gnats
let out a maniacally evil cackle

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. If you ever have an ant problem, just ask great grandma for her ant remedy. It works too. Love, Mom I aka Gma

tricia said...

ohhh, excellent solution! so happy your bananas aren't being harassed anymore :)

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