Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rest of the Story

We are currently hanging out with more family today, THE Moore family to be exact! I was just nice enough this time to do some pre-posting so you wouldn't be left blogless at your desk, or kitchen table, or toilet, or wherever you read your blogroll. Then after they leave we are headed to the Big-D...and I do mean Dallas. So until I have pictures of the fun I'm having with my niece and nephews in our kiddie pool, here's some more of the fun we encountered while my parents were here.
Besides the squealing laughter we heard each night coming from the bath tub, we also go to experience Liv saying her first words. She appropriately said Da-da several times this weekend (I'm sure just for the holiday) and even would say bye-bye while waving. They seemed more genuine than the fluke "Hi" we got on camera but maybe I'll still count that one. What does it matter though, it's not like I'm recording this in a baby book somewhere.
She also really started crawling this week. It's still kind of an inchworm crawl but it's faster! She would crawl to the tower of cups and knock it down, build again, and repeat. She's getting very close to pulling up on her feet.
In adult news, we played games, went antiquing, got frozen yogurt, shopped, saw Shutter Island, played in the pool and Ryan and I got to go on a date while my parents babysat. We saw Toy Story 3 and loved it! I recommend it to all ages of people. Anyway that was our fun weekend!

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Micah said...

Reagan really enjoyed the video. She said "Hey" and waved and pointed at Olivia. :)

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